January 11, 2009

Hey - it's 200

It seems this is my 200th post. Never thought it would get this far. Who knew????

Well not much going on. Work is work. New rule went into effect that we cannot enter more than 40 hours a week into the software for tracking time - regardless of how much time you work. This really pissed off everyone. We know we don't get paid for it - we are salary but we like the fact that it is tracked. I know a few people who have employment lawyer friends who might look into this. Our big issue is how can your track resources and that you are planning for a project right if you don't know people are doing 50 to 60 hours a week to do it. I think this is their plan. Everything is planned to 40 and project hours will only show 40... makes certain people look good in my opinion.

Father in law has been bored so my garage is getting drywalled - which is very cool!! Spent the weekend putting on the primer coat, cleaning up the dust and prepping the last wall. I am so thankful for him - my in-laws are such good people.

Hard to find time to ride so I am trying to ride in every Friday. I really enjoy it.

OK - wifey talked me into seeing the movie Gran Turino and I gotta tell you - a must must must see!!! Eastwood has gotten better in his old age. This movie is phenomenal!!! All I can say is go see it. You will not be disappointed.

Haven't had much time for any new music so I have to disappoint. I will get back into looking for some good tunes.

Have a great week


At 8:35 PM, Blogger the mama said...

i saw the trailer for gran torino and it didn't look that appealing to me. interesting that you liked it... you and the wifey need to see benjamin button. that is a must see in my opinion.

riding in once a week. those poor peeps having to see you walk in with those massaging pants. mcdreamy at my work rides in every day. nice...

we are getting new time tracking software at our work to. they are trying to eliminate the time clock and the handwritten time sheets (salary). peeps are none to happy about it.

have a good week.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger the mama said...

wow - i used the word peeps twice. what is wrong with me???


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