January 28, 2009

Sup playa's...

Hey sorry I have not blogged for a while - not sure why.

I rode my bike to work last Friday - was not raining at my house - but rained about half way to work and then on the way home I looked - some blue patchy sky - got about 2 miles from home and got drenched - I hate the weatherman!! Oh and Wrider, Weather.com was not even close either - and they are the weather channel people right?? they suck!!

I have signed up for two rides so far - March 28th from Yorba Regional (right across the street from my house) and that is a 62 mile - me DK and AVman are in on that one then doing a shorter one on April 18th in Salt Lake CIty with AVman and T_May from Merc. That is more of a guys road trip. I told AVman I would only go if we can have some deep emotional bonding moments like in the movies while discovering more about ourselves and each other to a great indie soundtrack. AVman promised it all would happen!!!

Took Maddie to see Frost/Nixon and that was really good. She really was into it - she likes that stuff like I do. I was worried about the language - like the f-word - until Maddie reminded me she hears that everyday at school. DUH!! I forgot what junior high is like... hahahahaha

More Merc layoff rumors - for sure in U\W and Claims from what we hear - nothing has been said about IT but we have soooo much work to be done - maybe we just drop the consultants and a few of the PM's - sorry Audio - your woman stinks at her job and it is now becoming known to more than just us....

This is a great Hendrix song and I guess it can be dedicated to the future biker the Wrider will be:

EZY Rider


At 9:43 PM, Blogger the mama said...

wow... a road trip. how romantic. birdman you sure do treat your man right!!!

in all fairness. good for you guys doing the rides. that is cool.

yes, we parents do forget that we were once in jr high and cussed too!

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Wrider II said...

Oh no you didn't slam the Weather Channel!!!!! They cannot be right 100% of the time. What with the global warming, pollution, Democrats spewing hot air - it's a wonder they get it right even some of the time!!!

Wow.. that's quite a ride! Good luck and I know you guys will do great!

I still am shocked when my 'baby' (now 19) swears. LOL


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