February 17, 2009

Tired of Drywall

what up folks?? sorry I've been away but I have been soooo busy with garage. We finally finished all the drywall then I spent a weekend sanding - the ceiling. Man that really sucks. Then I had to primer the ceiling - man that sucks and then the father in law - who did so much for me decided to dry wall the rest of his garage so I helped with his ceiling this Saturday and what do you know- killed my neck. I have been looking up for a week straight and it finally got me. I could not turn my head left or right to save my life. Today is much better but it is still there. Drywalling sucks!!!

But the garage does look really nice!!!

Merc building guy Rob got a road bike and road with Justin and I on Saturday morning. He did pretty good. We took him on a short 22 mile ride. Now DK was not there so I ended up doing the work on the way back with the headwind. Nothing beats drafting I tell ya.

I hope you are watching the California Tour of Amgen. Lance is back!!! Here is a link to the race site. AMGEN Tour of California

DK, Justin and I are going to Pasadena on Saturday to see the end of that stage. Gonna be way cool!!!

Wrider and Mama - check it out - I am sure there are hot guys for you to ogle... but I must say there is no way they look better than I in bike shorts. Just not possible!!!

Work is still going - no layoffs... yet. No one cares anymore. The rumors have been crazy but now they have died - what you gonna do??? I am done worrying about it.

I am doing some planning so I just need a few things and I will have a 2009 version of my blog. Maybe in the next two weeks I can get it done.

Finally, no song but I heard this old conversation on the radio between Phil Donahue and Milton Friedman. Now I stink at econ but I can listen to it and this, although old, I find so relevant for today. Take a listen


At 9:45 PM, Blogger the mama said...

i can think of a million guys that look better in bike shorts!!! are you actually inviting me on one of your bro-dates?? watch out i may take you up... lance armstrong is pretty easy on the eyes.

sucks getting old doesn't it?? hope the neck is feeling better (though i think your injury is from a bro-date not drywalling).

At 7:52 PM, Blogger AvMan said...

Who the hell is Justin?

I look waaaay better in shorts, fo reals.

At 9:13 PM, Blogger the mama said...

yes, who is this justin you speak of?? sorry AV, seems like the birdman might be getting some love from another dude in bike shorts.

and yes, AV is on the list of a million guys who look better in shorts than birdman.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger AvMan said...

Awwww mama, you're the best.

I'm pretty sure i've been replaced by DK. i'm trying to figure out if i'm sad or not.


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