September 04, 2007

Back to Reality

Well, I am officially back from vacation. That dam thing called work made me go back to it today.

It was a great week off. Me, the wifey and the kids took off to Morro Bay for a few days of R and R (it is kinda possible with the kids - ahhh the stress relief that is yelling!!! ahahahaha)

For the kids it started with a few days visiting Tia at the base - Fort Irwin

Our brother in law in the Army and was out training for two weeks so they went out to visit their tia (wifey's sister)

When they got back - off to Morro Bay. Our little Best Western hotel was really nice and less than a block from the bay - here is a view of the bay and chicas:

If was really nice and relaxing. Lots of seals (sea otters, see lions? who the hell knows) and the little one loved them!! She would imitate their "AR AR" sounds and really believed she could talk to them and speak their language. Gotta love that.

Next day - 1/2 drive up the coast to Hearst Castle. I love the place.....Here is one of me and the girls:

After relaxing for the rest of the day, we drove back home the next day and stopped at Solvang then the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. I live really close to the Nixon Library and I must say the Reagan Library is so much better. Up on a hill top, quiet, views all around. Well worth it to me. They even have his Air Force One that you can walk through.

WHEW!!! a busy but nice and relaxing vacation. Outside of that, cleaned house - couple of good bike rides and movies on HBO... speaking of which.. I have always heard bad things about "The Lady in the Water" by M Night Shyalman (sp?) but I finally saw and it I loved it. I love his movies, the way he tells a story and the way he films it.

Finally, first day of school for the kids. Maddie is in 6th and Jillie in 1st.

Have a great day!!!


At 9:34 PM, Blogger the mama said...


Yes coming back to reality totally sucks.

Love the pics - I want to go to Hearst Castle. I have not been since I was maybe 7, maybe they are close to being finished by now?

I am glad that you had a nice vacation... you earned it. NOW GET BACK TO WORK DAMMIT!!

At 7:28 AM, Blogger The Wrider said...

Sounds like you had a great time off! I'm glad to hear it! The pics are great! I can just see your youngest barking at the seals! Too funny. I love Hearst Castle. I would like to go back before we head east.


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