March 22, 2009

Staying the course

Hey yokels - not much new going on here. Still have some junk in the lungs so off to the doctor tomorrow. I hate going to the doctor. I am one of those typical guys who waits until total misery sets in. I have no idea why but I always do it. The only thing getting me to go this time is the ride on Saturday. Got 62 miles to do and I need to breathe. I will be telling the doc "you need to clear me up - I got some miles to do" I think that way he will give me the super secret good stuff. Who knows maybe it will contain some EPO or CERA in it. That would be nice.

Not much new on the home front. Got one side of my additional rafters done. Getting a shed so gotta build that soon too. We need space and our backyard is so small, it is not a playground for the kids so I figure why not use the space. This will give me more space in the garage which means the quilt overload of stuff in the bedroom can move on out. I was never big into home repair but I am starting to like some of it. Electrical - NO - but I love working with wood (now I know how wrider and mama feel) hahhahahahaha..

Got a new song by one of my favorite guys - Pete Yorn. I know Mama will like this one alot.


Have a good week


At 8:54 PM, Blogger the mama said...

hope you feel better for the ride...

wow. thanks for the Pete Yorn. loved it instantly!

At 9:01 AM, Blogger the mama said...

it dawned on me as i was driving in this morning that i forgot to comment on your love of the wood... poor AV, just calling him wood now.

and i would not know what its like working with wood... after a while it just fades away.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger birdman said...

I was amazed you missed that the first time - I made it sooooo easy too

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Wrider II said...

I'm still laughing at the reference and Mama's oversight in her first comment. =)

Hope you feel better soon.


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