March 28, 2009

Big Ride is Done - 66 total miles

Today was the big ride day - Spring Metric Century. Man oh man what a tough ride. Easily 50% harder than any ride I have ever done, but it was totally fun. I have never pushed myself that hard before and it feels great to accomplish it. Minus the time at the rest stops, total riding time was just under 4 hours.

It was me, DK and AVman. The ride started in Yorba Park across from my house. We went down the river trail in to Orange than into our first climbs in Villa Park. Those were not to bad and we were fresh. We got down to Tustin Ranch for the first break. We all felt good. From there was the long stretch down to Margarite Pkwy/Los Alisos Blvd near Mission Viejo then the massive climb on El Toro Road all the way back to Santiago Blvd and Jamboree to the next break. Wrider. I know you go to Cooks Corner. I know you go South from where you live to get there. We had to climb that going north form Cooks Corner. We climbed about 2950 feet in 14 miles. The most gnarly thing I have ever done. I gotta say were all good up to that point but DK was on it today and dropped us like a bad habit on the hill. His ride was phenomenal today. I was really impressed. After than, just 11.5 miles back to the park. Big props to AVman also - this was by far his biggest ride and he motored through great.

Fun/Scary parts:

After the big El Toro road climb hit 40 mph going down the hill. Totally fun but there was a big crosswind and the bike was wobbling some, that got a little scary - totally had to use the brakes and bring it down to a respectable low to mid 30's.

At about mile 58 we had recovered due the flats, small down hill and had a tail wind. We were hitting 23/24 mph for a little while. Totally stoked we could hit that after that many miles

Finally about .25 miles to go, riding good into the park - BIG CRAMP IN MY THIGH!!! Oh man that was not good... but I saved it before it got to bad and motored to the finish.

I feel really good to accomplish that big ride and the big hills and so happy to do it with good friends.

Finally song of the blog. This one is different. Flipping channels and saw this on LOGO. This is the channel for gays and lesbians. Gotta say these lesbians created a rockin jam!!! Chicks are making out in this vid. Warning if the kids are around just in case

Have a great weekend


At 12:28 PM, Blogger Wrider II said...

Holy crap.. 66 miles. Birdman, that is so cool. Congrats to you, DK and the AvMan. I know EXACTLY where you are talking about out of Cooks Corner. Wow, very impressive!! That is awesome!

Yeah.. That song was different but still rockin. Gotta agree with you there and yeah, the make out scenes were...interesting...

At 10:52 PM, Blogger the mama said...

yep got nothing snarky to say about you guys making that ride. way to go.


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