April 20, 2009

Back from SLC

Sup y'all.. have the day off which is nice. Got back yesterday from a bike ride in Salt Lake City with AVman and T-MAY. We had a great time. Long ass drive but AVman has 60 gig of music that spanned the music spectrum - old stuff new stuff and everything in between. That made the drive go by faster and was fun as shit!.

We stopped in southern Utah and I saw a real Big Love girl at a gas station market. She had the old style dress and hair just like in the show. She must have noticed me staring at her cause when she came out - she ran to her car. hahahaha

The area is very beautiful and the ride through SLC was the most scenic ride I have ever done.

The ride started at 6 am at the University. It was cold as all git out. The start was only 4 miles away so we figured it would be a nice warm up. Little did we know that there was a climb up to the start - a big one. We were the only people there that we saw that rode their bike there. Stupid Californians.. hahahaa

The ride itself was a blast. About 1500 riders so you always got to ride in a pack - pass lots of people etc. All the streets were closed (due to the marathon) so there was no stopping the whole way which is way cool. AVman and I had a good ride the whole way. The finish was in the downtown area and riding through those streets with all the big buildings and stuff was just awesome.. made you feel like a real pro!!!!

Here is a nice goofy photo of me and AVman at the finish line... just for your viewing and laughing pleasure:


Big thanks for T-MAY (merc employee) for the idea to go and to AVman for letting us use his truck. We are definitely in for next year!!

BTW: did you know in SLC at some street crossing with no lights, they have signs reminding you to look both ways and to grab a orange flag from the basket on the pole to make you more visible.... and... no one steals the flags!!! They were everywhere - all full. what is this world coming to?? hahahha

Finally - get the new Silversun Pickups CD - best of the year so far for me - it's fantastic!!!

Have a good week!!!


At 3:11 PM, Blogger the mama said...

ahhhh... look at the happy couple. are those medals "code" for wedding rings?? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

and the Big Love girl was probably horrified at the site of you in your spandex. i would run to my car too!!

good job on the ride. glad you guys had fun.


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