July 18, 2009

Life is just cranking by

Wow - been away for a long time. Just so much stuff going on that does not really matter I guess. Kids out of school, working my ass of for a bunch of jackholes, etc.. I have been tired and unhappy with work and shit for a while. Vacation in August cannot come fast enough.

Riding has been my only source of stress relief - I am so thankful I have that. It really makes a difference. Plus, My 34 shorts will fall off me without a belt and I am about 182 right now - still pushing for 175 and I will be happy.

Riding has been good - DK and I can just shy of averaging 20 mph for a 46 mile ride. It was tough but it's cool to know I can do it - feel like I bumped up another small level.

I have kick ass farmer tan lines now!!!!!

computer died - using work laptop now - I think it is the heat sync on the chip - open up the case and the damn thing fell out!! not good - I worked on it a little and it seems to run if I keep the PC on it's side (so the heat synch cant fall off.. . hahhahhaa)

Maddie goes to her Art Express next Saturday for 5 days.. I think she is going to have the time of her life there.

Bro in law, Sis in law and nephew were down for a few days - her for a follow up on her back surgery and plus it will probably be our last time to see him - he should be getting deployed at the end of the month to Iraq. As it is now, they will be the force left behind as others start to pull out and go home - I really hope the violence does not escalate.. I am a bit worried for him due to that.

Neighbor kid gets back in November so he only has a few months to go then he is getting married in January. Wrider , he is 20 why do so many military get married so young???

MAMA - HAPPY BIRTHDAY and welcome to the 40 CLUB!!!! Dont sweat it - age is mental, not physical.... just go with it and have fum. I'll buy you a cup of coffee one day for your b-day if I ever see ya in person!

As soon as the PC crap gets sorted etc. I will post some 4th pics etc.

Have a great HOT weekend


At 12:44 AM, Blogger the mama said...

ahhh... thanks birdman.

my vacation is in 4 days (but i am not counting or anything!) and it cannot come at a better time.

he is only 20??? wtf?? and why do people get married at all?? totally overrated.

hope maddie has a great time. sounds like 5 days of pure fun for her.


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