May 27, 2009

The luck of the Birdman

Got some good news at work today - followed by the "it figures" news but that is typical at Merc. As of now, no raises bonuses etc.. that is for at least a year I am sure but today I find out that with some changes I am being made the lead BA for all things Mercury First (our point of sale program) since I know the system better and basically do that job anyways. Of course, at this time the increase in workload and responsibility comes with a big fat NOTHING! But with the way things are, I did not see it prudent to turn it down.. I hope to make them pay at a later date.

So I take the good, I take the bad I take them both and there you have the facts of life @ MERC!!!

Here is a new song by Taking Back Sunday

May 20, 2009

Happy B-Day to Jilly!!

Monday was Jilly's big number 8 on the b-day scale. She got some nice gifts but I swear her favorite was her 6 pack of orange tic tacs!!!

Glad the warm days are here - time to get in more bike rides. Took our new and only female rider Robbin up a decent climb yesterday - she indicated that during the climb which beat her to death she was think the phrase "F@&* you guys!!!" over and over. HAHAHHA - totally worth it. But to her credit - it was slow but she never stopped pedaling and climbed the whole thing.

Only heard part of the new Linkin Park from the new Transformers movie - it's OK from what I heard - nothing to get excited about.

Work has been crap - so many stupid people who really get on your nerves when times get rough and just make things worse - I totally want to get sick right now....hhahah

All the shows are ending but that means some new one for the summer -Monk, Burn Notice and True Blood on HBO so much to watch this summer.

Have a good week!!!

May 13, 2009

Long time no me

First off - HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all you mom's out there. Hope it was a good one. Got the wifey a nice Garmin GPS. She gets lost way to often.. hahaha she loved it.

I guess this was my long sabbatical from blogging - been tired, busy and just not in the mood. The only big thing since my last post was a week in FL. Flew to Tampa Intl and then crossed the bridge into Clearwater. The weather was great for us and the trip was not as bad as we thought.. FL people can be tough....but we survived.

Here are a couple photos

From the VP's balcony

The Gulf of Mexico

Other than that.. not much sadly. I have just been coming home and either riding or just chillin. I think I needs me some time off. Hopefully soon. I think work has just gotten to me again. Mentally tired - I just don't want to think and I am sure that is why I have not blogged. Bloggin be some form of thinking.

Here is a nice photo of my crazy daughter. She heard talk how I used to wanna grow my goatee long and braid it so she got the materials etc (all on her own) and had the wifey braid it for her. She is creative and crazy all at the same time.

Here is the cool new 311 song. I love these guys