July 30, 2006

HOE... LEE.... CRAP!!

I am at a loss for words.... tears have come to mine eyes!!! It speaks for itself...


I can now die in piece

July 28, 2006

For the love of the Unknown

This idea should generate some interesting results (think Greatest American Zero)


Everyone has those few bands that you have always liked and can't believe no one else has heard of so I thought I would list mine and see what everyone else gets.

Now we all know your friends have heard of them (provided you have friends) so make these bands people outside your circle probably don't know.

So if your as old as me, start digging through records (vinyl to the utes), cassettes and if your really old - fuggin 8 track and see what comes back to ya.

In no particular order:

Fields of the Nephilim:
Goth with a harder edge on some songs - have some great layers of sounds going. Just found out they have reformed (only a few original members)

For all of you who cant play an instument - these are your guys - no longer a band and a few are dead I believe

Rudimentary Peni:
A really different and unique approach to punk - very influential during high school - still going I believe

Chameleons UK:
Not heavy or punk at all. Very melodic and beautiful song writing. I recommend "Strange Times" this album almost made my deserted island top three - no longer a band

Flux of Pink Indians:
Crass like in their approach to punk but better in my opinion - no longer a band. One member started One Little Indian Records and Bjork is one of his artists

The Mighty Lemon Drops
Searching through my cassettes and found I own a lot of their stuff (must have really liked them). Put one in the cassette player - still like it. Late 80's kind of an Echo and the Bunnyman sound but good - (those damn Bunnymen - SO SMUG) with more of a single note riff not chords

The Mission UK
Another Goth type of band - again mid to late 80's. Again not a Bauhaus type of Goth but still.....

Meliah Rage
Just think Metallica with different guys in the band and not as talented, but I still liked them.....

As you can tell - mostly punk and goth but not totally - throw in metal and some regular ole pop. (sorry Wrider - just can't take the country music) The cool part of this is I went through a butt load of cassettes and since my old beater truck has a cassette player - time to load up and relive the past every day to work and back. Now I don't want any bands that people have heard of and just don't want to listen to (ala Panto Banton - first Panto reference of 2006)

Let's see what the rest of you can come up with.

As a side note, it is about 7:15 PM here in So Cal so the Wrider must be gettin ready to show Mr. Corbett the goods!!!!

July 26, 2006

Captain Obvious

Obvious item #1: Lance Bass of N'Sync says he gay... really...... did not see that comin!! Wouldn't the bigger story be if a guy in a boy band was NOT gay???

Obvious item #2: This ship

just tip it back over. Hell a bunch of us kids used to move VW bugs back in the day. Ya just need a few more people for this one.

and Obvious item #3:

and I love you in your I love Beirut t-shirt!!!

July 24, 2006

Potent Potables for a $1000

I have a mish-mash of items today - no general theme so here goes:

A new blogger has been added. Check out "I'm an Audioslave". If the blog is anything as strange as the person behind it then it is worth your time although the beeeyatch aint updated his sight with my logo. Ingrates I swear

Another item on the list is ex-coworkers. It's amazing how they try to make you feel bad by how cool their new job and environment are. I received the following from an e-mail from an ex-coworker about reasons why the new job was better:

  • The bathroom has fancy schmancy soap and lotion
  • Free coffee, tea and water (the good stuff)
  • The El Paseo Mall is across the street with a Yardhouse
  • I will most likely start working from home next week
  • The entire place shuts down for two weeks (paid) at christmas
  • and finally the job is way easier (literally "can you send this e-mail, can you create this database
I was hurt by such an attack on us - we were a team dammit. So after much thought (seriously) I responded:

  • Do you have a bathroom with KISS written in big letters on the wall along with a small porno pencil drawing?
  • We have hand brewed coffee done by an ex-marine
  • Happy hour at the Yardhouse by yourself sucks
  • Since you will be a hermit at home by yourself I'm guessing you will forget to take a razor to your legs and pits sasquatch
  • We shut down to - we are just here and do it more than just at x-mas
  • and we all know you don't know how to make a database so don't get crazy
I think it is very clear where this ex-coworker should b working......Ching Ching Bling Bling Holla Back Youngin - WOO HOO!!!

Finally, every now and then you have a new experience, maybe not one you wanted, but one that will stick with you forever. Mine happened last week in the men's bathroom at work (another reason to stay at our work!!). As I exited the stall from a very relaxing session I went to wash my hands and I was struck by the unbelievably strong odor of cigarettes from the other guy washing his hands. It was as if he was actually smoking right then and there - it was that strong. As I proceeded to wash my hands, that cigarette odor mixed with the smell of crap (I swear it was not mine.... really... despite what THAT GAY is going to post as a comment) and I was suddenly not a happy Birdman. I honestly gagged once so I made haste (if you like I can get you the recipe - not as difficult as you might think) for the fresh hallway air (another reason to stay at our work!!). I also thought it odd that the person let their glasses fall into the sink and get covered with soap,water and the crap that came the hands. This apparently is "THE WAY" to clean your glasses. Now I know!!!!!

July 20, 2006


We'll I am back after a rough week, week and a half. Thanks for all the kind thoughts, words and prayers. It all makes a difference.

July 12, 2006

In Loving Memory of Edith Louise Barrie

You will be forever loved and forever missed.

Godspeed Grandma.... Godspeed.

July 09, 2006

With the good of life also comes the bad

We all wish life could always be good, fun, etc but sadly that cannot always be. I was visiting my grandmother yesterday - she is 89, with Alzheimer's, Dementia, etc and now has pneumonia which she is struggling with.

It is so unbelievably depressing when you see a family member who was so strong minded, caring and loving to be reduced to the state she is in. I could not have asked for a better grandmother!!!!

As of now she is still making it (there is serious doubt with the doctors) but I find myself wondering which is better - be selfish and have her here and suffering or lose my final grandparent but have her at peace.

I know it will eventually happen but.....

So if your grandparents are still alive and kickin - give em a call and let them know you love them.

July 03, 2006

How Great is this Man!!!

He has been in our hearts and minds for years. From his humble beginnings as CIA operative/assassin to an A-List celebrity who has cruelly been denied an Oscar for Best Actor in such great movies as "Above the Law", "Marked for Death" and "Under Siege " to name a few.

His return is now complete and world must prepare themselves:

Dammit all to hell if it aint MOJO PRIEST by the Master Steven Seagal!!!

Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winters aint got nothin on the man who can kill you without even touching you (secret ninja technique)

There is nothing more I can say except go check out the MOJO PRIEST site and get your MOJO on