June 16, 2009

What up gang

Not much here - just been working and laying low. I have a couple days off next week and I am dying for them - cant wait.

DK, AVman and I signed up for the Amtrak Century on Sept 12. I can't wait. If I can do a 100 mile bike ride - I can do anything!!! It feels good to have a goal. I had not realized how long it has been since I really had one - i know that is something I need to keep doing - life can pass you by without one it seems.

House is a mess. Wifey likes to post school clean the girls rooms - move the furniture around etc. but she has no method and all madness - Jillly's room is a mess but I know in a few days all will be good but good god woman - do one section at a time!!!! hahahahha

Girls both did really good in school. I am proud of both of them. I had two nieces graduate 8th grade and one got perfect attendance for two years - and at this school it means not missing one period - that is amazing although she did get sent to school feelin pretty crappy.. hahhha

My oldest niece wants to be a doctor/pediatrician/psycho/nurse etc. and got accepted into a program at UCLA (started by Patch Adams himself) where for 10 days they follow around doctors, watch surgeries etc.. This is way cool for her - she is smart as chit and all the blood and stuff has no effect on her. In her high school anatomy class they dissected a cat and watch a vasectomy. She saved photo of the cut up cat on her phone.

Finally two songs for you all.

Turned onto these guys by the Wrider - Vitamin String Quartet doing a classical version of Mr Brightside. Check out all their stuff on you tube - Tool, Metallica, etc - phenomenal.

Now I have always hated this band but this song by Matchbox 20 kicks ass. I saw them on Live at Abbey Road on Sundance Channel and loved this song:

Click HERE

Have a great week

June 03, 2009

work blows

It really does. I have been in some meetings where I really see how sucky a lot of mgmt is. It's pathetic and it really wears you down. Hour and a half meeting starting at 4 pm. I wanted to run out of there screaming!! I am mentally done. Good thing I have Friday off - nice 50 mile bike ride will clear the head and heart.

Friday is also Fun Day at good ole Woodsboro Elementary so I am sure I will be having a BLAST with all the kids!!!

Next week is the last week of school - I want the summer off to!!!

Got a new car - but not like that. Father in law bought a 2002 Land Rover Discovery for Costa Rica (he has a place there) He got it for $2800 as it has 140k miles. Turns out to import it, they charge taxes on the high blue - not what he got it for. So since the wifey's sister already has a 7 passenger car (durango) he got it fixed and gave it to us and we will take my super cool Isuzu Rodeo up to her sister in WA in August. It is still in great shape - feels weird to drive it but the girls LOVE it, especially Jilly as the have little seats in the very back.

Wifey has been crankin out some work on personal quilts so I will have many for sale for the holidays (I hope)

Love that thunder and lightning last night??? I love it!!!

Heard this cool old song couple days ago

Have a great week