October 30, 2007

Have not been in the mood

for bloggin that is - not the other thing you perverts!!!

It was a long week and weekend. Went for a ride on Friday and it was still ashy in the air - yuuck. Went Saturday in the afternoon - much better., I got a new bike helmet and man am I happy. My old one was purchased in 1995 before my oldest was born and it actually hurt my head. I was using duct tape to help the sore spots.. Damn I am a cheap bastard, I should have bought one earlier.

Went to Haggoween on Saturday night and can you believe it - I drove home - I had four beers total the whole night - I had more water than beer.. what is becoming of me??? hahaha wifey did a jaegerbomb and loved and wanted to do more - so I obliged - she deserves to get her drink on - she rarely does. I must say it was an experience to watch all those drunk people and not be one of them.. good times for sure!!!!

By the way - Audio and his wife rocked the costumes - they were Sunny and Cher!!! and he was the sunny who hit the tree skiing!!!!

The in-laws gave us their old TV - it is a 60 inch behemoth!!! I think we are going to go blind!! The largest TV we have ever owned is like 32 inches with the rounded glass (you did not know they made those anymore did ya!!) It is way cool - but an adjustment for sure.

The other in-laws got their base reassignment - off to Fort Lewis Washington. It is supposed to be a great base and it will be good for my nephew with his Asperberger's as they have better schooling for him and better medical care for sis-in-law with her back (she has a rod from scoliosis and she has missing cartilage in some vertebrae). The only draw back is those stationed at Fort Irwin where they are do not ship overseas - Fort Lewis does. If nothing changes he will go to Iraq or Afghanistan in 6 months or so. He knew going in it was a very good possibility he would go and he is really tired doing opposing force training so he is prepared for what he needs to do. I also have the kid across the street who is in the 82nd Airborne in NC. I may have to much skin in the game real soon as they say.

That is all. I will post Halloween pics when I can.


October 22, 2007

WINDWATCH 2007!!!!

It has struck my family and now times are desperate. As you can see, the devastation is total and complete.

When will the tragedy end!!! Food is scarce, water is non-existent and the children need medicine. They did not before this incident but dammit all to hell (for AVman) if they don't strangely need it now.

I am heading off to loot. Yes, I know it is wrong but I have to feed my family and get really good road and mountain bikes. I am just trying to survive.. who are you to judge me in these desperate times.... and WHERE THE HELL IS THE GOVERNMENT??????

But even during these tragic times, I can find peace and beauty in the devastation. Despite the horror of the gale...nay hurricane force winds, this birds nest is still there - as if untouched, protected by the hand of God.

Please give as much as you can so my family can make it to see another day... let us know that there is still hope in America!!!!

October 19, 2007

Not to exciting

It has been a run of the mill week. Not a whole lot going on.

Finally got myself a new book - I read all the time but I have been slacking on a good book (at least my style of good book) and I was bored at lunch the other day so off to Border's I went. I saw some books that looked really good but dammit all to hell if hardback is like buying a car - way to expensive and I am way to cheap. Off the the History/Military/Politics section and I found a very interesting PAPERBACK to read.

Read a couple of chapters and damn if it is not interesting. So many things going on in the world that I was to young to know or things just to secret at the time to hear that have an impact on today's world. It's only been a couple of chapters but you can start to see how freakin difficult and complex international politics is..... things are just not as black and white as people want it to be.

The Office was freakin HI-LARIOUS this past Thursday.

Got a flat on my way back on the bike ride today - totally blows. I am sure I have over a 1000 miles on the tires since I put them on over a year ago - time to start looking at new one's and damn it if they ain't expensive - but then again what isn't. Gonna be on the garage later tonight gettin things fixed for a ride tomorrow morning (gotta make up what I missed today)

I totally sucked at the driving range at lunch today.. but what is new.

Did you know in India if it is your b-day - you have to buy stuff for your friends and family and not the other way around?? pretty f'ed but I did get a pumpkin scone out of it.... who knew???

Adios and have a nice weekend

October 14, 2007

Me and Girls

Well it has been just me and the girls for 5 days and it has been really nice. I think they like me again!! hahahaha - we did not do much yet had a lot of fun. The little one made a point to come lay on the bed or couch with me every night - I missed that and it was nice to get it back. They are awesome girls.

After I picked them up from school on Friday we were walking to the car and cut across the grass - it seems there was a nice hole hidden in the grass and I stepped right into it - that killed my ankle. My ankles are bad from years of skateboarding and basketball so it does not take much. The oldest made sure I laid down and rested it. Once again - awesome girls.

I did get a ride in (before the ankle incident) with my new clipped in shoes and man does it make a difference. Rode most of the time a gear higher than normal. I also picked up the stationary bike stand from pops so I can ride during the week ( in the garage probably) in winter as light is quickly disappearing and I do not want to lose what I have built up.

FREE STARZ Weekend on Direct TV!!! I love free movies!!!!

Hung out with pops down in the BP during the day on Saturday. Is it just me or do you wish things would not change sometimes? We went to the Weinerdog that we lived at as kids - I have not been there in 15-20 years - and the outside looked the same but I was bummed the inside was all new. I had in my mind the old wooden booths with the orange vinyl pads...this is where me and some friends first unscrewed the cap on the ketchup bottle for the next unassuming customer and it was a cop - we bolted so fast as we totally thought we were busted!!!!! I was really hoping it would be the same.....but we helped pops finish his puzzle - he does tons - even the little one found about 20 pieces.

Hung out with Mom and sis later that night for dinner - father in law today (he cannot go more than 5 days without seeing his granddaughters) nice weekend all around. Wifey comes home tomorrow and I cant wait to have her back - I sleep like crap when she is gone - not used to all that space in the bed.. hahahahaha

hope you all had a great weekend too

October 11, 2007

Got me bike shoes

Yes, I went and got them today - and no - they are not the funky hardcore road shoes, they are mountain bike shoes... and yes they clip into the pedals. AVman gave me the pedals a while ago and now I am excited and scarred to use them.

You have to buy the cleats for the shoes then screw them into the bottom of the shoe. As I ride I will have to adjust them (front and back and side to side..... 10 points for that reference). That was a little work. Then cut the knuckles getting the old pedals off - they have been on there since before I was born.

But finally all set except I could not ride - flat tire. Now the guy at the bike shop was having some fun as during our talk I let him know I have never clipped in before - he said - practice on grass. I now know exactly why. I put on the shoes - hopped on the bike holding on to the washer - clipped in - then moved my heal out to unclip and guess what.... it aint easy - you gotta put some back into it. So I keep practicing until I give the left foot a good jerk, foot does not unclip but the bike starts to go left - I lose touch with the dryer.... TIMBER!!!! right onto the garage floor. Now you know why I am skirred!!! If some a-hole on the trail gets in my way... I am gonna have to really practice unclipping myself!!!

But I am excited to see how much an improvement I get.

Sansa Song of the Blog: Since I'm the Mama liked the last one by The Chameleons UK, I give you Seriocity:

I used to be so sure
I used to be so certain
Now it's gone
Always wanting more
Bleating out excuses
I have none

Cast reflections in the water
Now that the deed is done
We'll wait
And watch the ripples fade away
Hearts are breaking
Someone's daughter
Joins with someone's son
It goes on and on again
On and on again
Watch the ripples run

I used to be so sure
I used to be so certain
How could I be so wrong
Always needing more
At last the chains are breaking
Watch me now
Watch me run

Over fields and past the houses
Like a bullet from the gun
Watch the figure fade away

Hearts are breaking
Someone's daughter
Joins with someone's son
It goes on and on again
On and on again
Watch the ripples run

Over fields and past the houses
Watch the rabbit run


October 08, 2007

So ends B-DAY Fest 2007

Did you note the sarcasm.......I hope so. Not much of a weekend - has some beers, saw Eastern Promises Friday night - kick ass flick by the way - then off to Fort Irwin on Saturday for my nephews B-day. He turned 7 on Oct 5th so we all went out there for him.

It was interesting in that I have never been on a military base before. The part I was on - base housing and stuff - seems normal, like a city but at the same time - different. It is a different world for sure.

We had his party at the base bowling alley which was packed with rotation troops ( i think that is what they are called) and I got this odd feeling I just did not fit in - could have just been me but none of the military guys who were at the party with their kids said anything more than hello... but oh well - not gonna worry much about it and besides -to many of them wear tight jeans and tuck their shirts in....sweet jesus!!!

Nephew had a great party - got his BMX bike and he was in heaven. His Aspberer's has slowed his motor skills but his was riding pretty good and he was even trying to wheelie when we made him go in the dirt!! Boys will always be boys!!!

Played Rainbow Six on XBOX 360 with my bro in law (the one in the Army) and man - real training pays off in the game world..he was kickin ass and I gotta say it was funny as we were playing pretty late into the night and having some brews and he got into the lingo - every time we cleared a room in the game he yelled "Clear" out of habit....

Got my Band of Brothers DVD set - way cool and that is about it - oh except and not only surprising but a sign of maturity,, the in-laws gave me a some cash for my b-day ($200). He got his Army bonus and he said that I have helped them so much over the years and he finally has the chance to pay me back a little and wanted me to have that. It was not even the money that impressed me - the mere fact they wanted to pay back something to us without asking......sign of growing up - I'll take the growing up over the cash any day and I am glad there is hope!! BTW - here come bike shoes for road bike - time to clip in!!!! (they will be mountain bike style shoes not the hard core road guy shoes in case you are wondering)

Peace out for now!!!

October 03, 2007

Cant keep some things secret

I thought I was going to get away with it but alas nope - my 39th birthday is this Sat but work did remember (I think wifey had something to do with it...grrr) So for all my fellow bloggers - what you can get me that will make me the most happy...get your drink on and send me topless photos of YOU!!! and by that I mean the twins, the hooters, the fun bags.... hell - I am gettin so old I aint never gonna see another pair. Hell I'll even take the guys too.. hahahahaha

My cryptic situation has worked out better than I thought- the neighbors involved are not totally bothered - I am sure a little as I would expect but it has been a big relief for me.

and the damn sun is setting to fast - got back from my bike ride last night in the dark - freakin sun went down faster than a hooker making a fast 20 bucks!!!

Work is work....nothing new but Charme is back

Peace out for now!!!!!

Late add:

Sansa Song of the Blog: Alcohaulin Ass by HellYeah.