February 25, 2008

No end in site......

For work that is.. man it is just not stop....and my two days off this month - 28th and 29th as I am maxed out on hours is tentative... can you believe that.. if I lose them they promise me two comp days off in the future.... hows that... and we even have as asshat PM (program manager) who has listed himself off the whole week of go live.....freakin nuts..


was in the mens room and noticed the guy wizzing was so symmetrical... one hand bent just right at the elbow to hold his tallywacker and the other right in his pocket.....standing straight.... hahhaa it was funny..

there are other types.. the lean forward with one hand against the wall guys... the pants down around your ankles with your head tilted back guys....

let me know the others gang... girls tooo..

I'm tired.... that is all for now..

February 16, 2008

More of the same

Not much goin on still but work... third almost 60 hour week in a row and third saturday in a row.. plus I am "on call" for Sunday and Monday....yeah me!!!! But I did get a free BRC with chicken from charo chicken so that makes is all worth it....

Basically - I am not riding, drinking way to much coffee and beer which is getting my stomach all riled up and sleeping like crap.. Nothing like stress and non-overtime overtime......

Found out not only did my oldest make Honors Orchestra for the district, she is violin - first chair.. this is th top spot for violinsist.. She is not hthe only one but cool she made it.

I am glad the writer's strike is over.. need my shows. See how unions ruin everything.... can you imagine Merc IT on strike..hahahahahaha

Watched Gone Baby Gone last night. FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Same guy who wrote Mystic River wrote this and both movies are excellent - I highly recommend!!!

Last but not least Sansa Song of the BLog: Kundalini Express by Love and Rockets. what a cool and simple riff that just rocks.... but at a Love and Rockets pace!!1

Someday in the future I hope to have more but I need my life back first..

February 11, 2008

Got Nothing

I have spent so much damn time at work - I got nothing... man this sucks....I mowed the lawn on sunday then went to the 99 cent store (which kicks ass by the way) nothing can put you in a good mood like buy 15 items for $13.

Oh yeah - took the girls to the Hanna Montana/Miley Syrus movie - 3D was cool but I got a nice 20 minute nap in there somewhere...

not much else to tell... and that sucks

February 02, 2008

ugggh and tired

Not much going on and not much to day. Just workin my ass off. Had to work today too.... It's amazing how working to much gets in the way of life in general...

The oldest made it in Honors Orchestra.. she is stoked. This is where they only select kids at a district level.. proud of her.

Supercross from Anaheim tonight - you can listen to it online.

Song of the blog: Under the Milky Way by the Church