May 29, 2007

A Long Weekend

Whew... what a long weekend. Greatly needed that is for sure. It did not start off great - got home at 9 PM on Friday night due to work.... (and not NextGen) but when I got home has some beer and watched "The Departed" finally... loved it!!

Saturday was a cleaning day for us. Front and back lawns - mowed, edged, swept, blower, and hose down pretty much everything plus laundry, vacumming, dishes and the kids had to clean their rooms plus their bathroom. We got a ton done and that freed up the last two days.

On Sunday I took the 6 year old to a b-day party at Scooter's Jungle and wouldn't you know it - Merc. Employees!!.. and not my favorite of people.... it seems the b-day boy is their nephew. Made the best of it and they were not that bad - plus got lots of play time in but damn I am sore today.

On Monday I got in a good bike ride, BBQ at the in-laws, then the Angel game with my girls and my brother who had free tickets on the right field side, field level row A.. right on the freakin field. That was cool and at the end of 9th inning warm ups, the ball boy gave the 6 year a ball. She was stoked and became very protective of that ball.

Well back to the grind today. Have a good one

May 25, 2007


People use Alarm clocks

Business use silent alarms

Idea: the Silent Alarm Clock

genius - pure genius

May 24, 2007

I hate these type of people

So I am reading an article on MSNBC (click here for link) and I could not believe what I was reading. About a month or more ago, a pitcher on the St. Louis Cardinals crashed his car into a tow truck in the early morning and died. He was more than twice above the legal limit o f.08and they also found pot in the truck.

Well, dear old dad is now suing in his son's death. Here is a list of who is has named so far:

  1. The restaurant that served him
  2. The manager of the restaurant
  3. The tow truck company who's tow truck he ran into
  4. The tow truck driver
  5. The driver of the stalled car who the tow truck driver was assisting
Can you believe that? and he said this might not be everyone. His son was drunk and driving but of course it's everyone else's fault. I can't believe this is allowed... I hope it get;s thrown out.

I like the last line: Dean Hancock said he has an obligation to represent the family on all issues, “including any legal actions necessary against those who contributed to the untimely and unnecessary death.”

How is going to sue his dead son since he is mostly at fault??

Rant over.

May 21, 2007

Weekend Review

First, thank the lord that I am not involved with NextGen - I had a weekend. YEAH!! Although I am sure my time will come when our product gets released later this year.

Friday night attended a little retirement party for the ex-bosses of my wife's work - Cranberry Quiltworks. They are such nice people and were good to not just my wife, but me and the girls. The shop was always open to all of us as was their home. Although they will still be involved in the quilting world, it is time to relax a little.

Saturday was a nice "house cleaning" day. It was a freakin mess. Drove me nuts. Got a lot done and when the wife took the girls to their b-day parties they had to attend, off I went for a bike ride. (See maman... you can do it) The river trail that heads toward Green River Drive was open again so I took that road. I like it better except for the hill climbs but that is what gets you in shape. Between the hills, the fire damage from a fire about two weeks ago (there was quite a bit) and the strong wind on the way back, it was a tough but good ride.

Sunday, took the kids to see Shrek the Third. I have never been a fan of this series - not sure why - and this one was kind of the same for me - OK but I can live without it. What I really wanted to do all day was listen to the first motocross of the year from Hangtown. Being the good dad I am I missed some of it for that movie and then they had Internet problems so missed more than 1/2 the racing. But hey, it was still good racing from what I read and Family Guy was great last night.

That is all for now.

May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my youngest daughter's BIG 6 birthday. Wanna know how excited she was?? Came into our room fully dressed with her "I am 6" ribbon and new flamingo vans slip-ons at 6:30 AM!!!

ahh to be 6 again.

May 16, 2007

So Cultured

So I had an evening of culture Monday night. The school district has an annual music recital for kids who play an instrument at school and want to do the big show. My oldest is in her second year of violin and wanted to do it so off we went.

The part of the show we attended was all strings (violin, viola, cello and bass) and kids from elementary, junior and high school participate.

There were about 200 elementary kids and they did really good. My oldest is now taking lessons and you can see and hear the improvement which is really cool.

The older kids (junior and high school) are amazing. The best 8th grade was a version of the "Pink Panther" which are neighborhood friends DH plays cello in. Very bossanova feel to it.

For the end of the show and the best of the night easily, the advanced kids from Esperanza High did "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. It was incredible!! There are so many different tempos, timings,etc going on and the violins replaced the vocals. Totally worth going just for that.

I think that inspired my DH to want to keep playing and I hope she does. The music programs that exist in what will be her junior and high schools are fantastic and many of those kids started at the same elementary school she is in now.

Sorry no photos, but we were across the gym from her and she was in a see of 200 kids.


May 13, 2007

Glen Helen Prequel

Sup everyone.

Had a great day on Saturday - went to the Prequel motocross out at Glen Helen. This is a warm up race before the outdoor motocross season begins. This is a mix of a few top pro's along with the local pro's - makes for great racing and a good time. Plus, since this is not a "AMA sanctioned" event, the rules about how close you can get to the track are not in play and that is what made are day kick ass.

Hit the road about 9:45 with the Maxican (mexican named Max) - I have known him since I was about 10 or 11 then cruised on over to the bachelor pad of the AVman and off to the races. Towards the middle of the first motocross moto, we were finally able to hook up with my brother. While we were watching we noticed the riders doing the big tabletop jump at the top of a hill. So through a fence and a serious hill climb and on top of the hill we were. Great view of the whole track and man what a knarly jump. After reading another site, this was a 100 foot high table top - big steep climb up and a very steep downhill landing. Plus it was about a 50 ft leap across. You really had to be there to get how crazy this was.

Two cool things about this spot. 1. At times the riders were flying through the air no more than a foot from us and 2. the riders started doing some whips over this. This was the cool part. Once we realized a few guys were doing that, we would hang over the track cheering them on as they climbed up the face of the jump and they recognized were cheering them on and started doing tricks for us - big whips, giving us the thumbs up, or the cool "look at you with the finger point". In the last race, one guys was doing 1 hander, no footers every time for us and on the last lap he did that then gave us a big look back before he dropped out of sight down the landing - freaking wicked cool.

My favorite moment was on the last lap of the last race. A pro rider named Grant Langston - he is a top 10 rider in America - was leading and racing the whole race, really focused, and we cheered him on every lap. On the last lap he comes over the big table, does a big whip, gives us a look and gives us the cool "i recognize you guys" finger point. But.. he was so close to us on that jump that while I was clapping, I swore his hand (the "
i recognize you guys" finger point" hand) went between mine.


I gotta say that was one of the best times I have ever had at a race. Myself, the Maxican, AVman and my Bro had a blast, great racing, kicks ass whips, and nothing but great jokes and bagging on each other.

This is as cool as you can get with a group of guys with a zero gayness factor!!!


May 09, 2007

Birdman in the 21st Century

Hey everyone. I was away for a few days - out sick - sucks but man did i get some sleep in. Also, once again I am reminded how crappy day time TV is. If it was not for the speed replay of the Vegas supercross - I would have gone insane.

Well, the Birdman did it and finally got a cell phone - can you freakin believe it??? I had a good solid run but it was time. The most common reaction if have gotten from people is Holy Shit?? Really??? followed by disbelief (The Wrider thought it might be a # to a porn store or something.. hahaha). I am not used to it - I had it on vibrate at work on my desk and it went off and those around me had to remind me it was mine... TE-DAR!!!

Looks like a good weekend coming up. Off to Glen Helen on Sat. for the Prequel Motocross - it's hot, dusty, and kick ass!!!!

Did any of you bitches watch the Vegas Supercross like I told you to?? Probably not.. BOOOO

Sansa Song of the Blog: You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf. New band and song (I believe) very mellow and they include cello and violin into their sound. CH CH CH Check it.

I’m walking on the southern street, cut to the river ‘fore I run too low.
I’m walking on the southern street, cut to the river ‘fore I run too low.

Old gypsy woman spoke to me, lips stained red from a bottle of wine.
Old gypsy woman spoke to me, lips stained red from a bottle of wine.
“The one that you are looking for, you’re not gonna find her here.”
“The one that you are looking for, you’re not gonna find her here, here.”

I’m runnin’ on the northeast street, cut to the ocean ‘fore I run too low.
I’m runnin’ on the northeast street, cut to the ocean ‘fore I run too low,
Cut to the ocean ‘fore I run too low.
“The one that you are looking for, you’re not gonna find her here.”
“The one that you are looking for, you’re not gonna find her here, here.”

Old gypsy woman spoke to me, said, “You’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town.”
Old gypsy woman spoke to me, said, “You’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town.”
“You’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town.”
“You’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town.”
“You’re a wolf.”
“You’re a wolf.”
“You’re a wolf.”
“You’re a wolf.”

May 05, 2007

Mo Stuff

I am back again. Time just fly's lately - not sure if that is good or bad. Got in a few drinks with the crew (crewwww) on Friday and a really good bike ride today compliments of the wifey going in to work and the grandparents taking the kids to Spiderman Tres. I am still not where I was last year at time but I am getting there.

I was reading my new Guitar World and there was a great interview with Slash and they talked about the making of Appetite for Destruction and the songs on it. Sweet Child o Mine came up and it apparently started as a joke. They were living in a house and Slash played the opening riff and he did not think much of it. Izzy and Duff were there and they started to play some chords behind it. Axl was upstairs, heard it, and wrote down some of the lyrics.

A great song like that started as a joke then just happened. I think that is where great songs come from - they just happen and that, I think, explains the crap that is out there today.

Artists - created
Their music - created
Their look - created
Their style - created
Their media image - created
Their hype - created

Nothing real anymore (at least what passes for popular music and what is put on the air and TV waves)

Please do not get "Created" confused with "Creativity" but I think you all know what I mean.

Another interesting fact - before G N R, Slash was almost the guitarist for Poison. Could not believe it myself. It came down to him and CC Deville and since CC had the hair and shoes - they picked him. Slash wore moccasins to the final audition - looking like himself, not the created CC Deville.

Nuff said