July 31, 2007

It's gotta be the shorts

Wanna know how I know I am gay..... I do wear the biking shorts when I ride and you know what... I LIKE EM!!! Finally got a new pair today - the butt/taint padding wore out on the old ones and let me tell you - it hurts like a mother when it is not all padded down there. Besides, I got great guy legs - I look freakin HOTT in them.

It was an interesting ride today. First heading out from Yorba Regional Park going west/south down the river trail - lots of wind in the afternoon - but that is what makes you strong. So as I am haulin ass down the trail (cause I am in kick ass shape... hahaha) I come up on a few dipshits (i.e teenage girls) walking all over the trail. So as I come down a hill and near them I yell "On the left" bike trail edicate to let them know where I will be. What does one of the dipshits do...... you guessed it turns left to look and steps left when she does it.... I hit the breaks fast and turn right.. where does this dipshit go when she see's me...... RIGHT!!!! I almost run into her and basically yell "what the fuck it wrong with you!!!" at her and call her a "fuckling moron" as I climb the hill and ride away.... Where is Darwin when I need him. So about 4 miles down the road and guy catches up to me and we ride a few miles together. He is a postman at the Brea post office right near the Merc. He lives in the S to the Ana and rides to and from work 3 or 4 days a week - with the traffic we saw - it only takes him an extra 15 on the bike to get home. We get to Chapman where UCI hospital is and time for me to turn around. Now the wind is at my back and I am like a freakin laser - so NICE!!!! As I get to about a mile left I get all Tour de Franced out and see a guy a ways ahead and decide to catch him before my turn in to the park - crank it to a harder gear and get moving - I am getting close but not enough so I invoke Lance Armstrong and sprint as hard as I could - caught him - right at my turn off - proud of myself after about 15 miles.

Well that was a long story

SANSA Song of the Blog: Stockholm Syndrome but MUSE. Rockin guitar riff - gotta learn it.

July 30, 2007

Mo Stuff

First of all - WELCOME BACK WRIDER!! Glad to have you and take your time coming back - we will take what we can get.

I really hate this not being able to post at work - I totally forget stuff.

Saw a couple of movies this weekend so let's go there.


can it possibly be a bad movie with a title like that..... NO!!! Loved it!!!!! Watch it, live it, love it or your GAY!!!


Another kick ass flick. It was filmed awesome, great story, great battle scenes, etc.. Watch it or yes... you are GAY!!

what else we got.... Went bowling with the Merc First staff (only 11 of us made it - a few were out) with our "motivation money" That was actually really fun. Had a bet with one of the development team leads - he spotted me 50 pins (hey he is from back east and has his own bowling ball) and I made it by over 20 pins so lunch is on him on Thursday. I missed bowling a turkey by one pin. (that would be three strikes in a row)

The wifey is taking her first "training" gig on the quilting machines. Many people by the big Gammill machines but do not know how to use them so they pay for training and the wifey finally feels comfortable to train - She gets a two day trip to Vegas as that is where the lady lives.

allright... Sansa Songs of the Blog: heard both songs on the way home. 1. Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Best Chili Pepper song ever!!! 2. She talks to Angels by the Black Crowes. great acoustic playing.


July 25, 2007

Doping and Dopes(??)

First, apparently this is my 100th post. I am not a mad poster so that is a good milestone. Now on to business.


This whole Tour de France doping crap is really disheartening. When you think about it logically, you have to know there is no way they can do what they do without it. Over 2000 miles in 3 weeks with hills that are insane.. can a body really recover that well, that fast. But then again, you want to believe they can do it - that is what makes them bad ass. When I am beat after about 12 miles of riding in a hour I want to marvel at their ability to ride over 100 miles at almost 30 mph on some flatter roads. The team pulled the tour leader out even though he did not test positive but only because he was not honest about his whereabouts and missed some drug tests. I hope this crap gets resolved.


The latest version of National Geographic has a fantastic story about the "rebuilding" of New Orleans. It really goes into the history of the canals, levees, money. local politics and how often it has really been flooded over the years (sorry Bush haters - he has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything regarding the floods) They really question the rebuilding at all of New Orleans and a good argument is made for it. If you get a chance - it is a must read. I think rebuilding in many areas is just asking for it and I don't want to bail them out again.

That was a damn serious post for 100 wasn't it!!!!


July 23, 2007

Why other (baseball) athletes are wussies

Yes, I hate baseball - it is soooooooo boring and you don't even have to be athletic. Not that is does not help but you can be fat and out of shape and have a good career. So what brings up this comment why so many mainstream sport athletes (i.e baseball players) are big wussies?? In the WMA - that is the Women's Motocross Association, the number one American rider, Jessica Peterson, crashed in the first turn of her race and got her finger caught in another riders chain and sprocket and it cut the tip of her finger off. Yep clipped it right off. Is she on the disabled list for a month, NO, is she sitting out the next few games... NO. She went to the pits, got it wrapped up and raced the second moto about an hour and 1/2 later.

When a pro baseball player making millions sits because he felt some "stiffness" (and I always thought that was a good thing...ahahahahaha) and a girl runs a 20 minute plus two lap motocross race in 100 degree heat after losing the tip of her finger.... that guy is a big puss. Another reason motocross is the greatest sport in the world.

peace out

July 20, 2007

The thrill is almost gone

Well it was truly only a matter of time before the Merc. blocked access to blogs. We can get to the main page but comments are blocked. I give it a week or two before complete blockage - worse than the kind which an old person has trouble clearing.. hahahaha

Oh well.... I hope that I can remember the things I think of during to day to jot down here at night.

Work is crazy but got a developer friend back to the Merc and he sits right next to me - "so choice" (name that flick) He completes me!! hahahaaa We also have an old QA chica coming back as well and sitting in our building - the old gang is getting back together - makes work so much better to have good friends with a good sense of humor around you. oh yeah - they are also good at their jobs but I digress....

Anyone watching the Tour de France?? Bad ass as bad ass can be those guys... when you can ride 110 miles and average over 20 mph... nuff said!!!

Did you all see that photo on Yahoo of the guy getting gored in the leg at the running of the bulls?? click here - look at the guy on the left and his shin - freaky!!!!

hmmmm what else... oh yeah, finally got the links taken out of my new watch. My friend builds the booths for trade shows and knows the guys at Vestal really well. They hooked him up then me - here is what I got.. (click here) and look at the metal Monte Carlo (mine has pearl watch face not the striped) NICE!! love it

Finally a Sansa song of the blog that will put the world back in order: Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer!!!! If that don' do it mama, nothing will.


July 17, 2007

Nada Mucho

That sums up what has been going on in my life - not that I am complaining. Took Monday off and that was mostly due to the fact that I am maxed out on vacation hours. (200 hours). Yeah I know, take time off. I will, I can feel the need.

Tried to watch Beerfest this weekend but some a-hole has the only copy rented and aint returning it (super late) I cannot make myself go to Blockbuster or any chain so it is a small video store - but they cool except for this.

Can I say I am tired of fixing sprinklers!!! I have no idea how the kids can break so many but.....

Sansa Song of the Blog: "I got you" by Split Enz. Kick ass old song and no - I do not like Crowded House. hahahahaha

July 10, 2007

Yeah!! and GRRRR

What is the YEAH!!! you say?? The new Interpol CD - I like it alot - it's them, a little different but still quality. That plus the new Smashing Pumpkins - heard only a few tunes so far (thanks Audio)

and what or what BIRDMAN could the GRRRRR be all about??? Well let me stinkin tell ya!!! The satellite signal froze so the wifey and I start to work on the problem - it never comes back, screen goes black although we get the DirecTV menus. So power off, power on ,etc.. Well sometime during this process, the little one almost hit me in the nads and it was apparently during this time that the wifey checked some cables (unbeknowst to ME) and picture was total fuzz. So I call DirecTV, go through the whole support thing, I put a tech visit on hold, go through all the TV menu's, find all the guides, search online, etc.... Finally I pull the big stand from the wall and I am prepared to re-cable. I check what we have and I notice that one cable on the sat. box is in a spot that I remember being an "IN" not and "OUT" - move the cable and low and freakin behold - PICTURE!!! Remember me not knowing wifey checked some cables.......she put it back WRONG!!! GRRRRRR!!!!

Yes, she is still alive and completely healthy...

July 09, 2007

A new week

Sup sport's fans.. Welcome to another week of pure fun. (Enter own sarcasm if necessary). Let's recap the weekend:

1. Came home Friday and all the girls have haircut's. Not a big deal except the wifey cut her hair for the first time in two years. She was growing it for "Locks for Love" and finally cut it. They have to cut at least 10 inches of hair. I like her in short hair - it looks really cute (As do the the girls)

2. Went for a really good bike ride on Saturday morning. Down to Anaheim Stadium, around it and back. Plus I tried to ride a little above my norm - tired as hell but a good ride.

3. Took the kids to see "Transformers" - I liked it. Only thing was there is a part where the mom asks the son if he was masturbating - the soon to be 11 year old wanted to know what that was - NOT TELLING HER YET!!

4. Apparently hurt my lower back doing items 2 or 3 so sat on my ass the rest of the weekend.

SANSA Song of the Blog: "Nowhere Girl" by B-Movie (hope that is right) Heard it Friday on the way home - very cool song. Longest intro ever!!!

Hope the week goes well for everyone.

July 05, 2007

The Day After

I am sure I am like the rest of us not happy about the fact I am at work. I always forget to take the days off (hell I have 200 hours of vacation - I forget to take a lot of time off) Had a good 4th - hung out with pops down in cool, breezy Buena Park. Talked with some old friends and neighbors who are still there.

The people next door to my dad we have known since I was about 3 - great people - and the mom has gotten into quilting the past few years and the wifey loves her. So as a nice gift to her, she took one of her quilts and did her long arm quilting thing on it for her (what she can do on her machines cannot/really really hard to do on a normal sewing machine.) and she loved it - it was the first one of her pieced quilts to get the pro treatment and it looked great. That made both her and the wifey happy - and I did nothing that day to screw it up!! hahahaha

This year I let the kids light some safe and sane fireworks and that opened up a floodgate. (Yes I was safe and was right next to them every time) I don't think they will let me light anything next year - freakin pyro's!

Hope everyone had a great 4th.

July 02, 2007

Another weekend gone

Man they are to short. Girls were back inforce this weekend. Crafts, coloring, sleeping on the pull out couch bed, DVDs, went to see fantastic four (while poor dad was at work.. j/k) As crazy as it is it is nice to have them home. A short break is great but you can never get over missing your kids I guess.

Got myself way to much sun on Saturday but what the hell - bike ride, lawn and totally cleaning the Jeep in the afternoon kept me outside. Some days I just don't want to be inside and these things force me to stay out.

With the exception of the watching and listening to the greatest sport on earth - MOTOCROSS - Sunday was boring. We were caught up on stuff for once. I vegged most of the time while the wifey sewed. Played a nice game of checkers with the 6 year old - she made some good moves - must have her mother's checkers skill - I have never beaten her in checkers - EVER!!! (and yes it does piss me off.. hahaha)

anyone seen the Old Spice commercial with Bruce Campbell singing "Hungry like the Wolf"?? Freakin Rules!!!!

Going to my pops on Wed. to light some fireworks - he still lives in the BP and it is legal there. I love fireworks!! not the kind you watch but the kind you light yourself - without that, what is the point?? When the day comes I can't light fireworks, 4th will just be another day....sad to say but it will be boring to me. AMERICA, F YEAH!!!

That is all for now