December 27, 2006

Catching Up

hey everyone, sorry for the posting delay but with X-Mas, Work and my being sick it just slid by the wayside.

I know I promised a tree photo and I took a really good one but it got deleted and I am to lazy to do it again. But that is not what X-Mas is about. It's about family and I must say it was a really good year, myself included. I got an MP3 player that I am loving and I did not get a cell phone so I still cannot be contacted when I am out. Two really great gifts.

As for my girls - they are in heaven - got almost all of what they wanted. My favorite photo below tells me how good christmas was for the little one;

Now that is a nap of a kid who has had a kick ass X-mas!! (this was about 1:30 by way)

Hope everyone had a great X-Mas too!!

Other items of interest to me only:

Last week I was asking "Your Mom" to ask her friend if she had an MP3 version of an old goth stule song called Sebastiane by Sex Gang Children (odd name I know) and she did not. I get my MP3 player for X-Mas, I get 2 free months from Rhapsody Music Service, I enter in the band name and low and behold, the song. It has been download and I am totally enjoying it! What are the odds.

I also read an article about a restaurant in Utah that allows you to barter for the cost of your meal and if you cant pay, they let you work it off by helping out. If you have money, they ask you leave a little for those who dont. All I gotta say about that is DAMN HIPPIES!!!!

Last but not least:

Next week it is fun with the family in the Grand Canyon!!!! Can't wait!

Have a great and safe (AVMAN......) New Years!!!

December 11, 2006

Tis the season to be busy

It's been over week since I last posted but as the title suggests, I have been busy. The new department is working out great. There is a lot to do but I am getting a lot done. Once again, Happy Hour this Friday. BE THERE!!!!

The other part of busy is christmas itself. I finally got the lights up. I was going to do it two weekends ago but the winds were strong that weekend my friend.... like an old man after a colonoscopy!!! (lets see who gets that reference) I decided that I did not want to put into effect my usual luck and end up on the ground dead while my children poked me with a stick.

The tree is finally up and by that I mean it is built with lights. Yes, we have a fake tree but there is one main reason for that. On said fake 7 foot tree my very talented wife puts normally between 900 to 1000 lights.. that's right 9 to 10 strands of 100. She has to run extension cords as you cannot connect that may lights together successfully. She has actually blown the fuses in tiny christmas tree lights. I had to find new ones this weekend at the Home Depot. A regualr 7 foot tree seems to have issue with that many lights and it is near impossible to get them on the tree correctly. She basically builds the tree in levels - bottom level, bottom lights, etc........ the lights are not just on the outside of the tree - they are through the entire tree from the trunk to the outer edge. When all is said and done.. the tree KICK ASS! I'll post a pick when it is done.

The other thing my wife KICKS ASS at this time of year and my favorite is PUMPKIN BREAD! She only makes it once a year and it is freakin awesome!! I get my own set of loafs that I do not like to share - if I do, it is very little - you are all undeserving bastards!!!

Well. that is it for now, off to watch the kids put the ornaments on the tree (to be followed by my wife's late night OCD fixing of the incorrect placement and hanging of the ornaments)

See Ya

December 02, 2006

Smoov Move

The move at work is complete. YEAH!!! (say as gay as you can people - not that there is anything wrong with that) Got my new desk in a new building with my new laptop (dual core processor) that kicks ass over my POS old Celeron PC I had to use.

Everything about the move has been positive with the exception of leaving my good friends in that building. The meetings have been really good - the people over there really good and I think the biggest part - I feel wanted again. Now I'm not saying my really cool co-workers were not happy I was there (who knows??? :-) ) but from a management perspective. I don't remember the last time I have heard management/senior management say they were very happy I was there - happy to have me on the team like I have been getting over there.

There, that is my "Chicken Soup for the IT Soul" comment. I don't care how gay that is... I'm sticking with it!!!

Speaking of my laptop, it has built in wireless so I want to thank one of my neighbors who have not locked down their wireless access - saves me the cost of wireless - it was a very nice connection!!

Tonight starts the World Supercross Series. It is basically two rounds in Canada added to the AMA Supercross Schedule. Since I am old and married with kids, if I ain't band practicing, I love to sit by my PC on saturday night's and listen to the races.

Just go to if you want to find the links.

Here are a couple of bands for a couple of bloggers:

For the Hero - Thirty Ought Six - the singer reminds me a little of his last topic of Faith No More

For the Avman - This Providence - I think you'll like it - I was not sure - I wavered between really liking it and not - still not sure.

Time to get working on the house Christmas lights this weekend