October 28, 2008

Raging Keggers!!!

That's right.. wifey is gone till Monday so every damn night - raging kegger at my pad!! I am thinking of having a different lady every night so if your interested.. let a playa know! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Well the wife really is gone. She is at a convention in Houston for the quilt shop. I had to get up a 3:45 AM to take her and a fellow employee to Ontario airport - I am tired for sure.

Attended Haggoween this past weekend - very fun as usual but I am so not into gettin drunk anymore - so odd. Sign of gettin old I guess.

So just me and the girls all week - I am sure they are thrilled!! hahahahha

Gotta make some grub so I am keeping it short - have a great week!!!

October 20, 2008

Mo stuff

So what is up..... hmmmm

Maddie made advanced orchestra at school - she was very happy about that - thought she did not make at first and was really sad - she needs to open her eyes and read the sheet better.

Went and saw Body of Lies.. it was really good. Leo has done well for himself - he is becoming a nice bad ass.

Went with pops and the girls down to Vista for a Harvest Fair - click here for details

They have lots of old tractors rebuilt and lots of old engines from super tiny to giant ones all used in the past to make America what it is. They even have some old stream tractors from 1895 running - they are amazing to see. Plus they have a tractor parade, quilt area, black smith area, little booths etc. It is fun to go with my dad - he knows so much about this stuff and how it all works - plus he used some of it (he is old!! hahahaha) The girls even enjoyed themselves.

I gotta say - if I ever get the land and money - I am buying me a tractor!!! TRACTORS RULE!!!

Now onto my dental fun. I went for my last root canal - front tooth - no big deal - you would think. It turns out that during the cleaning of the canal, the tip of one of the tools broke off and the dentist could not get it out. So... I go back the next day for the specialist and she tells me - you have a very long tooth and long root and she is not sure she can just get it out by fishing around. So I have to set up a 2 to 3 hour appointment cause they have to reduce the crown on the tooth even more (make the hole even bigger) and she has to put the crown on right then.........AND even then - no guarantee she can get it out. If they cant, they just leave it as long as it does not hurt - if it does, surgery going through the gums to the top of the tooth to try to get it.....................have I said how much I HATE the dentist.

No song today.... gotta mix it up now and then - later

October 14, 2008

Channeling Audio - and not in the good way

These two items arose today and totally remind me of Audio's questions.

1. If you were the president of the Salvation Army, can you declare war? You are the president and you have an army... can you attack Goodwill??

2. If you gave yourself a BJ - would that make you gay?

Discuss amongst yourselves. I am sure Audio has already dealt with these issue on a detailed basis.

Two songs of the blog:

Tighten Up by Electronic

Regret by New Order

October 13, 2008

The wind beneath my wings...

I totally thought that an appropriate title considering. I gotta say I thought I was being smart yesterday by riding late in the afternoon and since I was going to the in-laws, it would be a kick ass tailwind most of the ride. Well f me if 4 miles in the wind just did not totally switch directions and just work me to crap.... the best laid plans of mice and stupid men right???? hahaha

BTW: Avman is starting to ride also - he has gone a couple time with us - we got him to do 22 miles last Thursday. Give the boy some PROPS!!!

Yes, I went slow for him.............hahaha

Took the girls to see City of Ember and it was not a bad movie.. both girls really loved it but of course there were trailers they liked better. For Jillian - HSM3!! She loves is and cannot wait for for Maddie, Twilight. She is on the last of the 4 books so far and thought it the best trailer ever! hahaha

Gotta love US Customs now. In-laws came back from Costa Rica (if I get a pic of there chalet I will post it - beautiful where it is.) and they landed at midnight. Took an hour and a half to get out of customs and walk down the ramp to where I was. Got home at almost 3 AM. Of course , I still woke up by 7 am.

Song of the blog: Heard on the radio today: Do ya think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart

Gotta get me those pants he has for riding!!!

October 06, 2008

Holy Crap the Birdman is 40

Cant freakin believe it myself!!!! So bizarre to actually be 40!!!! But I don't feel any different so I guess that is a good thing.

Got a nice bike jersey from DK, Robbin and Bhanu from work:

and I also picked up a Under Armour cold gear base layer that really came in handy this morning.

For my gift to myself and so I can convince myself I am not that old - I rode to my dad's this morning - Anaheim Hills to Newport Jetty to Seal Beach, up the river trail there to Cypress and to my dad's in Buena Park - about 43 to 45 miles and I did it on 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was a really nice ride - waves were up at the beach, nice sun and a little cool.

Well that is all for now

Song of the blog: As I noted in Audio's blog - my favorite Radiohead song: Fake Plastic Trees


October 01, 2008

Pot Pourri

Another post of got nuthin that will probably be way to long.. hahahhaa

First -Happy B-DAY Wrider- I missed it too.... BAD BLOGGER I AM!!!

Once again, work has been strange - best term I can think of. I am continually not impressed with most (not all) of the new leadership and I think that goes for most of us. I think they impress themselves and put on a good show for many but not for us who really know. My guess and hope is that when the mortgage industry rebounds - they go back. Again - I think we got a few good people but not impressed the with top of this parking structure.

But.. life goes on and the Merc is in good health - the president sent out a letter with all that is going on - explaining why Merc is good. That was the smartest thing that had been done in a while. Kudos to the big guy for that one.

USA again won the MX of Nations!!! This proves we are the best country - EVER!!!!

If your not busy - Gary Unmarried is on tonight - it has potential as does Worst Week - that show is growing on me.

Mama - 600 posts!!! Good god - but then again it is a lot of babble!! hhahahah just kidding. I got a long way to go for that many posts.

Carrie H, is moving to my building next week which is cool - makes our building better - where most of the cool kids hang out now!!

On a funny - don't do it again note - my dad (74) took off for a week and did not tell anyone. I told him he is sol old now he is like a kid - he cannot just take off without letting us know where he is going!! hahah

Bad note, my bro got an infected cyst on his face and next week has to see a plastic surgeon to cut it out to minimize the scarring. It's funny - he has really blond hair but has gone bald - wears boots all the time for work - kinda looks like a white pride guy and now he will probably have some form of a scar on his face. He is gonna need a biker chick - all others will run!!

allright - enough for now

Song of the blog: Heard on the radio today - kicks ass - Unsung by Helmet. Just rocks!!!