December 31, 2007

Here is to 2008

Can't believe it is almost here!!! I have been sittin at home today with a little cold and congestion - not to bad but felt I needed to rest.

Just gonna hang out, watch a movie and play Connect 4 with Jilly! (M is with her friend for the night... so it starts... )

To all my family and friends out there:

Have a great New Year and here is to a fantastic year for all of us!!!!

December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays

Merry Kwanzaa to audioslave!! hahahaha

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to a new year. We had the a nice x-mas eve visit with my wife's parents and her brother who we do not see very often and my family got together at my dad's house for the first time in about maybe 12 years. My dad was real happy about his according to the neighbors and that makes me happy. He needed it. (my parents have been divorced for about that same amount of time) Since that time its has been at my house or my sisters so don't worry he was always included. hahahaha

For Christmas this year I am going to share me mum and me pops and a nice photo of my girls with their cousins.



The Girls

Have a decent rest of week.

December 17, 2007


So what is new in the hood gangsta's?? Not much here - just getting ready for x-mas. Took last wed. off and the wifey and I got about 80% of all the shopping done - now that is the way to do it.

The in-laws made it to Fort Lewis, WA. Chris got all new gear etc.. then the "you will be going overseas in 2008". I hope something changes before he goes or he gets a decent area. No qualms about it from him, he knew going in.

Can I say I am hating the cold weather... can't get any rides in - it is sooooo damn cold in the morning.. and then house, lawns, family for the holidays... plus work... just no time I tell ya - gonna try to hit the new year good if I can.

Finally a nice x-mas video for ya.. it's a little long but well worth it if your a Spinal Tap fan. Click me baby!!!


December 11, 2007

Life lesson in a bathroom stall

In one of the bathroom stalls in my building - on the back of the door that you see when one is doing their bidness.. are the words "READ THIS IT HELPS". I have read it many times and you know dammit... it does help!! I have no idea why.. I wonder who the smart ass bastard is who wrote that???

I am now really into the song "The Racing Rats" by Editors. Click HERE to check out their video - it will auto-stream.

That is all for now

December 05, 2007

Random Stuff

Not much going on. Just finished three day of training (development style thank god) of IBM's Web Content Management and it can a lot of things but man is there a lot to it. It really takes a team of BA's, Development and Marketing to get this thing setup, configured ,etc.. To implement this is a project in of itself but of course the Merc just throws it in.....

For those of you who do not know what that is, it would be the program non-technical people can use to publish web content on their own - no IT interference needed. (once it is set up of course)

I am so pissed about all the politicians plan to bail out all the jackasses who took the risk with their mortgages, etc. and are losing. The whole freeze on interest rates blows!!! The wifey and I did not buy more house than we could afford, nor did we get an adjustable and try to play the market with a plan to refi when things got tough, etc.... NOPE we bought honestly and within our budget.. so what do we get for doing the right thing (AGAIN!!!) the chance to bail out the morons... I am so sick of this kind of government crap.. Do the right, smart and safe thing - you get nothing but be an idiot and get bailed out by the govt.. at our expense. They are now forcing rules onto the market in the name of "get me elected" "improve my ratings" politics and that is shit. The market will correct no matter what - they are just delaying it and who knows what the long term impact will be.

Can you tell I hate this?? hahahahaha

I saw a beat up old Neon the other night... and the j-ass had hydraulics on it!!

There was a documentary I saw on Sundance or IFC the other night about the MPAA. Very cool. Did you know the movie raters are (or were..ahahaha) a secret. No one knew who they were. Also, there is an appeal process if you don't like your rating and guess what.. not only do you not know who they are (they do now!! hahah) there is a representative from the Catholic and Lutheran churches present. Watch it if you get the chance. Click HERE for the wikipedia info.

Finally, heard a snippet of a song by a band called "Editors". Just started to take a listen.. not sure yet but there is potential..

Have a good one.

December 02, 2007

Freakin December

Can't believe it's here.. man this has been a fast year.

I finished my book "Ghost Wars" and what an eye opener into the whole islamofasict uprising, the CIA, state department, presidents, etc. The decisions that had to be made (right and wrong for all) are not easy and crazy. It's so easy for people to say screw Saudi Arabia, it's only because they are friends of the Bushes (side note: Clinton as a good friend of the head of their intelligence service and accepted a $20 million donation to the U of Arkansas.. ) but they ignore so many aspects of what politicians, governments etc. have to deal with. I think Pakistan has been worse to us then the Saudi's. If you get a chance , read it. I think it helps put so many things in a different perspective.. the consequences of doing and NOT doing...

Now on to some fun Christmas stuff.

1. Heard this on the radio and it is funny as chit: 12 Days of Christmas


2. Chris "Christmas" Rodriguez. Freakin HI-LARIOUS!! this is some really good stuff. Watch it all. Chris for Santa

Can I also say it is impossible to find a Wii!!! WTF!! I hate this crap and I am not going out of my way for this.. I can wait a little bit (did this morning to no avail - I was about 8 to 10 people to far behind)

Let's make is great Christmas month everyone!!!!