August 29, 2008

Back again

Sorry I have been away for a spell but really - nothing is going on - aint that sad.... I tell ya.

Went biking with my bro on wed. He mountain bikes a lot but no road so he got my dad's old bike and it was one of the few times in my life I could beat him at endurance.. he is Mr. Healthy.... of course now he is going to road more so I guess it is only a matter of time...... sigh... hahhhaa

Speaking of cycling... the wifey comes up to me on the computer and says "what are you looking at - porn? I said no - road bikes... she said "I would feel better if you were looking at porn....." yes something is wrong with me when I would rather look at bikes

Now that is SEXY!!!!!!!

The Merc has seen the return of two former BA's .. not sure if you know them.. Wendy Banuelos (now Luge) and Kathy Tabbers... we are slowly getting the old crew back.... They decided to have an IT picnic thing at the park across the street - I, Carrie, Brad and a few others said NO WAY. Originally there was to be a talent show which is why I said no in the first place but that fell through and they did some other stuff.. Not going to make me happier with a BBQ lunch in super humidity.... I missed nothing.... Had more fun with my friends.........

Went and saw Tropic Thunder and HOLY CRAP!!!! This is a must see!!!! It can be crude for you sensitive types but dammit all to hell - awesome....!!!!!!!!

New music is starting to hit - Metallica and Oasis.. love both bands - be on the lookout!!!!

If you are bored the International Fair is this weekend - Friday thru Sunday....

Click here

It does get crowded... go early and go for my and the kids favorite - loukoumades... It is a Greek food/dessert and I am telling you - worth the drive just for that - that is the first thing we do when we get there - tons of food etc..

We will probably go Sunday morning before the crowds as parking can and is a big bitch later on.....


August 16, 2008

The Big 12

Today is Maddie's big 12 birthday!!!! Got some Starbucks in the morning and met the family for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. She loves that place.

B-Day Girl

with Aunt Kathy and Cousin Breanna

with Jilly and Grandpa Tom (my dad)

We also got a Wii this week and that thing rocks!!!! We got the sports game and the girls got Dance Dance Revolution and the wifey got a Wii Fit which is one of the best ideas in gaming... seriously - exercise and fun as hell!!!! Totally worth it.

Song of the blog: Christine by Siouxsie and the Banshees.


August 10, 2008

45.9 miles

Mission accomplished!! DK and I rode 46 miles this morning - about 2:40 and averaged about 18 miles an hour. I gotta say it was freakin work!!! The wifey was surprised I was back so soon!! We got lucky about 5.5 miles from the beach a group of other riders who were drafting off us passed us and we go into a pack of about 7 of us - with us drafting them we averaged about 23 MPH for that last 5.5 getting to the beach. I must say we were stoked on the time an speed and tired as hell!! DK has really gotten going (he is only 28) so I am not sure how much longer my old body can hang with him..... hahahahhaa - it is fun to have a riding partner where you can push each other but that young whippersnapper is gonna leave me behind next summer!!

BTW: Newport was clear and beautiful when we got there... a nice 20 minute break with clear skies and ocean was really nice.

Had a baby shower for an ex-merc employee (D- Nasty) and got to enjoy the company of the Wrider and her hubby, Audio and his wife and Your Mom for a few hours. It was great to see all of you - it has been a long time!!!!

Here are a couple songs for ya:

Ashes Divide - part the guys from A Perfect Circle - I like

Click Here

and this slightly old but kick, kick, kick ass jam from Melissa Auf Der Mar (formerly of smashing pumpkins)

Well try to stay cool everyone and have a good week

August 06, 2008


Hey everyone. You know - not much to say lately but what have I been doing...hmmm

  1. Work
  2. Riding
  3. .................
That is really it. Pretty bad I know. Lets see - pop's turned 74 on Monday, my mom's turns 66 today, baby shower on sat.. and Maddie's 12th on the 16th.. . That all adds up to a lot of money leaving my wallet... j/k -

DK and I plan on doing the beach and back this Sunday morning.. he has a bike computer so we estimate the ride to be 44 miles - no sweat!!! hahahahahaha

From National Geographic was this cool little story about the Peace Symbol:

The world-famous peace symbol, which turned 50 on April 4, 2008, was the brainchild of a British designer seeking a simple but powerful emblem for an anti-nuclear-weapons march in London in 1958. The symbol, which superimposes the semaphore signals for
N (nuclear) and D (disarmament), caught on worldwide and quickly became a universal touchstone for the causes of peace and nonviolence.

Interesting that it originally had nothing to really do with the Peace movement...

Song of the blog: Found this cruising for new music. Porcupines or Pineapples by Brakes. It's fun and I can dance to it

I think that is all...