November 29, 2008

Turkey Lurkey

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did - spent the morning/early afternoon with the wifey's parents and her brother and their 3 kids (all girls and one boy - luckily they all get along great) then spent the rest of the day out at my sisters. well out is across the freeway about minutes but out nonetheless. We had a good time at both houses - a great Thanksgiving. Hope yours were just as good.

Getting ready for another long week. There was a good chance I was going to NY for work on Friday (by NY I mean Albany) but it is probably delayed - maybe until next year.... I thought that would have been fun.

On the bad news, a friend that grew up two houses down from us and whose backyard pool was were we spent every summer day until about 15 was riding his motorcycle home back in North Carolina where he lives and hit a deer crossing the road. He was life flighted to UNC and is in the neuro unit - I found out about a week and half ago and he is now one month into recovery - very slow but he is responding and moving etc. and will be able to talk when they take the trach out. Their family was family to us growing up and I am thankful he will eventually recover.

Song of the blog: Interesting remake - White Wedding by Murderdolls

November 23, 2008

Some photos from the river trail

Well, it was a tough week - put in about 60 hours and of course being salary - no OT. I have been so mentally exhausted... When I get home and stop thinking - I just crash - and it starts again this week... job security can really suck some times.

Well finally had time so I took my camera and rode the river trail towards Green River drive - here are some photos of the fire damage. The first photo was about 1/2 mile from my house - luckily, it never jumped Weir Canyon/Yorba Linda Blvd right there at La Palma. Had it jumped and the park caught on fire - it could have been bad for the birdman.

This is right on the east side of Weir Canyon - coming up from the river trail

This is about another half mile down the trail - heading east. The brush and plants here are usually so dense you cannot see past the dirt road - I was amazed at how everything burned.

Here is a quick video I took while riding my bike down the trail about 4 miles further east.

Well, time to get ready for another long week despite the holidays - I am sure I will be working more than I should.......

November 16, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors

Crazy fires!!! We are OK - from the north no big deal but from the east we had some spots about a half mile away on fire. The palm trees at the car dealer were burning and the open land across the street was too. There were times it was like an eclipse - then totally red/orange. The people at the end of my block were evacuated - again about half mile down but we were cool.

They actually block off Fairmont at La Palma so the wifey had to park the car down another blocks residential area and then make her way home. Lucky friends of ours live right there and she biked it home. I think they mostly did it as they use Yorba Regional Park as a base for the firefighters and all the trucks and stuff.

We were getting lots of ashes and it was crazy on the breathing - house smell ed like smoke all night but we were never really in danger.

All is well now - nice blue skies


November 08, 2008

Modeling and America

Not that kind of modeling - Use Case modeling. Just got through 3 days of mastering requirements through Use Case modeling. Yeah it sounds boring but it was not - at least for me - it matters to what I do for a living and I found it interesting to think how we can apply what is stated to our current jobs. We did alot of it but there were additional things we learned that would have been very helpful.

Now for my America stuff - and it is not that they voted for Obama (of course I did not since I have common sense. hahahaha had to throw that in..) and I accept the outcomes of our voting process so it is not due to that....

Two new people on my crap list: Jillian Barberie Reynolds (Fox 11 morning news) and Maya Angelou.

Jillian - who is not a citizen said for the first time she is proud enough of this country to consider being a citizen. WTF?? She has been here for years and and this country has provided her fame, fortune, two husbands, and two children who were born here - none of which she would have had back in Canada and only the election of Obama is good enough makes America good enough for her?? She is a tard and a big problem with this country - bitch should be deported!!

Maya - she made this comment" Don’t Have to Apologize For My Country’ When Abroad After Obama Win"
. Click Here. Again.. WTF? and that there is no racism in France and Britain?? What world has she lived in?? It's not racism why people hate her - it is the damn one word per minute speech pattern - pick up the pace!!!!

Now of course my last two comments for each are over the top on purpose- but come on... they both need to wake up.

ahh that feels better

Took the girls to the library today and I was looking to get Slaughterhouse 5 - never read it and after seeing a part of a movie about it - decided to read it but it was out. So while I was looking I saw books about code breakers - mostly WW2 - and as I was going through them found a book on code makers.. which you never hear about or see - I found that to be more interesting. So far a good read but when the give examples of how codes work - damn I feel stupid.. hahahah -cool stuff.

Song of the blog: Milk and Money by the Fratellis. I was watching them on "Live from Abbey Road" on Sundance and loved this song:

November 02, 2008


I hope everyone had a spooktacular weekend. Not to bad on this side. The girls and I had a good weekend and they had a lot of fun trick or treating - they went out with a neighbor and their daughter and others. That helped so I could hand out candy. Decent turnout. There was about a 45 minute rush and I was able to get rid of most of the candy - thank god!!

As the Mama mentioned - we met out at Angel Stadium for the Down Syndrome Walk. It is always a lot of fun, the girls like it and it is a good cause. Plus get to actually this person called "I'm the Mama" for real and yes folks she does really exist.

Wifey comes back tomorrow - so much for the crazy bachelor lifestyle... it was good while it lasted!! hahahaha

Finally - one thing to keep in mind - First - VOTE!!!

Send - when it comes to voting I always remember this sentence scribbled on a park bench at Sadlands (if any of you are old time skaters - you will know) and it said "ARE YOU CHANGING WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED OR ARE YOU CHANGING WHAT YOU WANT CHANGED" I always thought that was so intelligent and it reminds me to remove myself from decisions based on my own personal benefit etc. What may be good for you may not be good for all or overall. Now I am not telling anyone what they should believe should be changed, but I think it is a good concept to use.

Hope your weekend starts out great.

Song of the blog: Mother by Danzig. Just ROCKS!!