March 28, 2009

Big Ride is Done - 66 total miles

Today was the big ride day - Spring Metric Century. Man oh man what a tough ride. Easily 50% harder than any ride I have ever done, but it was totally fun. I have never pushed myself that hard before and it feels great to accomplish it. Minus the time at the rest stops, total riding time was just under 4 hours.

It was me, DK and AVman. The ride started in Yorba Park across from my house. We went down the river trail in to Orange than into our first climbs in Villa Park. Those were not to bad and we were fresh. We got down to Tustin Ranch for the first break. We all felt good. From there was the long stretch down to Margarite Pkwy/Los Alisos Blvd near Mission Viejo then the massive climb on El Toro Road all the way back to Santiago Blvd and Jamboree to the next break. Wrider. I know you go to Cooks Corner. I know you go South from where you live to get there. We had to climb that going north form Cooks Corner. We climbed about 2950 feet in 14 miles. The most gnarly thing I have ever done. I gotta say were all good up to that point but DK was on it today and dropped us like a bad habit on the hill. His ride was phenomenal today. I was really impressed. After than, just 11.5 miles back to the park. Big props to AVman also - this was by far his biggest ride and he motored through great.

Fun/Scary parts:

After the big El Toro road climb hit 40 mph going down the hill. Totally fun but there was a big crosswind and the bike was wobbling some, that got a little scary - totally had to use the brakes and bring it down to a respectable low to mid 30's.

At about mile 58 we had recovered due the flats, small down hill and had a tail wind. We were hitting 23/24 mph for a little while. Totally stoked we could hit that after that many miles

Finally about .25 miles to go, riding good into the park - BIG CRAMP IN MY THIGH!!! Oh man that was not good... but I saved it before it got to bad and motored to the finish.

I feel really good to accomplish that big ride and the big hills and so happy to do it with good friends.

Finally song of the blog. This one is different. Flipping channels and saw this on LOGO. This is the channel for gays and lesbians. Gotta say these lesbians created a rockin jam!!! Chicks are making out in this vid. Warning if the kids are around just in case

Have a great weekend

March 22, 2009

Staying the course

Hey yokels - not much new going on here. Still have some junk in the lungs so off to the doctor tomorrow. I hate going to the doctor. I am one of those typical guys who waits until total misery sets in. I have no idea why but I always do it. The only thing getting me to go this time is the ride on Saturday. Got 62 miles to do and I need to breathe. I will be telling the doc "you need to clear me up - I got some miles to do" I think that way he will give me the super secret good stuff. Who knows maybe it will contain some EPO or CERA in it. That would be nice.

Not much new on the home front. Got one side of my additional rafters done. Getting a shed so gotta build that soon too. We need space and our backyard is so small, it is not a playground for the kids so I figure why not use the space. This will give me more space in the garage which means the quilt overload of stuff in the bedroom can move on out. I was never big into home repair but I am starting to like some of it. Electrical - NO - but I love working with wood (now I know how wrider and mama feel) hahhahahahaha..

Got a new song by one of my favorite guys - Pete Yorn. I know Mama will like this one alot.


Have a good week

March 11, 2009

Black Monday

Sorry I was away for so long again... lots going on. Sadly, the title refers to Merc's first ever real mass layoff. Memo went out at 2 pm on Monday saying between 2 and 3 all who are being laid off will be advised. That was a frickin looooong hour. I am happy to say I am still gainfully employed but the company laid off over 300 nationwide from what I heard. All departments - mostly the business units but IT took about a 40 person hit. All of my good friends made it except one - Kathy - aka Bella Luna. That one caught us all off guard. I fell bad for her but she is already hitting the market and I know she will get something soon.

The severance was said to be really good - 2 months all paid including insurance plus a week for every year they were there.

It was a sad day at Merc, yesterday was too.. Seeing the empty desk of Bella Luna does not make for happy times.

Audio - the only guys you might know who got laid off are Vitas in sys admin and Jim Banes. I am not sure about Jim but Vitas - there is no way this guy should have gone. Had to be personal, Sadly Audio - your woman who is despised my most also made it. Well you know what they say, it's not who you know it who you blow!! hahahhaa

What else... well the wifey is going to AZ for a quilt show for a few days so ladies - I am a free man (kids can handle themselves) Time to PAR-TAY!!

Maddie had a really nice school performance. Need to get the video off the DVD player to the PC. Our PC is old and does not have a DVD drive so I need to rip it at work if I can and get it here. If and when I can I will post a song. I was very impressed by this group of 7th and 8th grade kids.

Well I am happy to say Silversun Pickups is releasing a new album. The song is Panic Switch


Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups

March 02, 2009

For once -it was not the mama

Left work at lunch Thursday, rode my bike home and stayed sick.... the congestion was pretty bad. My eyes would tear from the pressure (it has nothing to do with those darn Lifetime movies)

I think tonight I am finally feeling like I have won the battle.

Girl Scout cookies are in. Got a ton to deliver to work tomorrow. That is the worst part. Delivery.

Took the girls to see Coraline on Sunday. I liked it. Very interesting and original movie.

Maddie got her acceptance letter for Arts-X-Press which is a musical program for kids run through The Pacific Symphony. She was ecstatic beyond words. She had to apply and write an essay on why she wanted to attend plus attach all of her musical accomplishments. I am so proud and happy for her. Now we gotta say and pay.. it's not free.. hahahahaha but it will be totally worth it for her. It as week in July at either UCI or Concordia in Costa Mesa. They stay in the dorms and everything. Here is a link for fun CLICK ME

Finally, you know how you have a song that you don't know why you like it, you should not like it, you make fun other people for liking a song like it and your basically gay (or lezbo for you ladies) for liking it..... here is mine... heard it on the radio yesterday:

Have a great week