December 24, 2008

The long road home and X-mas

Well here it is, Christmas eve. Just got home from work - nice half day. Well I am still a little off from NY but doing better. Now getting home from NY last Friday was a bitch.

There were four of us: Rose, Robbin Bridget and myself. We got up at 6 am, showered, went down for breakfast then got to the office by 8 am EST. Did a little follow up work, and off to the airport. We got there about 10:30 am as Bridget had an 11:45 flight back to North Carolina. Our flight was not until 1:15 pm but we did not want to have them make multiple trips so the rest of us hung out. Bridget's flight left on time but soon started snowing right after she left. About 1/2 hour before our flight is to leave it is snowing like mad and the announce the runways are closed since planes could not brake. Now this aint bad if you want to leave but since our plane that was sitting at the terminal was due for a pilot change and our pilot was circling since he could not land - we were going nowhere. About an hour hour and half in planes could start landing but our pilot was running out of gas and had to go to Manchester to land. So there we still sat, waiting. Finally, they got a pilot and we boarded about 4:15 but then we had to wait to be de-iced etc. We finally took off - in a snow storm about 5 PM EST. Since this is winter and we are going against the jet stream - it was a 6 hour flight to Vegas.

We get to Vegas about 8 PM PST. Of course we missed our original connecting flight so we ask and they send us to a gate about a mile and a half away. We get there, tell them about us and we get put on stand by for the 9:50 PM flight that has been delayed until 11:10 PM. I ask the guy what happens if we dont get on the plane since we are stand by he says "you dont get on" I ask when the next flight after that is and he says "tomorrow morning". The F word may have come out of my mouth a few times.

Luckily as they were boarding we got our boarding passes but since we are the last I get stuck between two stinky guys - one with real bad breath. But I am on my way home so I shut my eyes and wait out the hour.

We finally land at 12:30 am and I get home about 1:30 am which for me is 4:30 am since I started on EST time. I was freaking wiped out but very happy to be home.

NY was great by the way. The people in our office there are the best - had great food and the world's greatest canoli from Augies!!! I am not lying - I think I showed my O face when I ate it. HAHAHAHA

From my room Sunday morning:

From the airport on Friday:

Somewhere out there is the runway - I kid you not. It was a little lighter when we took off bu not much.

Well I hope everyone has a happy, safe and wonderful Christmas.

For Audio I wish that you come back to Mercury - nothing better!!!

For Wrider I wish that you start blogging again - and maybe get that Harley.... but only if you blog again

For Mama I wish that Tyrone goes through a terrible divorce that makes all the papers and you become his other woman.

For AVman - well you already have me so we will leave it at that!!!

A song for all of us

December 20, 2008

Goin back to Cali!!!

Yes, I have returned. I am way off right now, time wise and stuff, but I did survive. The week was successful for work and it was a pretty fun trip. The NY people are very cool.

Still super tired and stuff but I will report on the action as soon as I feel up to it. It's 7 pm but 10 pm to my body - MUST STAY UP!!!!


December 08, 2008

Home for the Holidays

That is the plan anyways but the Birdman is heading to upstate NY from the 13th to the 19th for work. One day of flying - one day to chill then work the week getting User Acceptance Testing done then fly back home on Friday.

We are in Albany/Latham and we were told that it was 7 degrees this morning - but hey it made it up to 21 I think. Good Times!!

Nah it should be cool

The Birdman also got another new and free road bike. It was my dad's that he bought in 97 and rode on many long trips. My bro had it but due to his disc problems in his neck and shoulder - it hurts him riding in that position so I got it. Much nicer than the steel beast I have been riding - it is one of the early Carbon/Aluminum frames. It is so much lighter and smoother, etc. I am really liking it - so much easier on my body and it puts more power to the ground - 09 is going to be a good riding year.

Maybe if I get some nice winter riding gear I'll take a nice photo for you all - finally!!

Seems Audio visited the Merc last week but forgot whee his real friends are - in the building down the street - where he last worked - but whatever - I will not cry for you Audio... I just wont!!!

AVman is back riding again - he is serious now, bought all the gear, we are going to get him to ride the Amtrac century with us next Sept. I'll bet he'll do it too!!