January 28, 2009

Sup playa's...

Hey sorry I have not blogged for a while - not sure why.

I rode my bike to work last Friday - was not raining at my house - but rained about half way to work and then on the way home I looked - some blue patchy sky - got about 2 miles from home and got drenched - I hate the weatherman!! Oh and Wrider, Weather.com was not even close either - and they are the weather channel people right?? they suck!!

I have signed up for two rides so far - March 28th from Yorba Regional (right across the street from my house) and that is a 62 mile - me DK and AVman are in on that one then doing a shorter one on April 18th in Salt Lake CIty with AVman and T_May from Merc. That is more of a guys road trip. I told AVman I would only go if we can have some deep emotional bonding moments like in the movies while discovering more about ourselves and each other to a great indie soundtrack. AVman promised it all would happen!!!

Took Maddie to see Frost/Nixon and that was really good. She really was into it - she likes that stuff like I do. I was worried about the language - like the f-word - until Maddie reminded me she hears that everyday at school. DUH!! I forgot what junior high is like... hahahahaha

More Merc layoff rumors - for sure in U\W and Claims from what we hear - nothing has been said about IT but we have soooo much work to be done - maybe we just drop the consultants and a few of the PM's - sorry Audio - your woman stinks at her job and it is now becoming known to more than just us....

This is a great Hendrix song and I guess it can be dedicated to the future biker the Wrider will be:

EZY Rider

January 17, 2009

Another week gone by

Another week in the books. Sadly nothing special except maybe the 4 hour premier of 24!!! I love that show and I am so happy it is back.

The garage is drywalled and primered. Whew.. Father in law did some great work. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning and re-organizing - make it all bootiful again. Then it will be off to my sister's for her b-day party. Should be good times.

Didn't today just rock!!! I loved it - perfect day for a bike ride. Rode 48 miles to pop's crib again. It was a perfect day for riding and it really did good for my psyche!! I needed a good day like today. Made it in 2 1/2 hours today and never took a break. I only stopped if I had to - basically waiting for the lights to chance when I was on the streets. I have never gone that far without a break so I am proud of myself.

Tried to make my own cheese tortellini with spinach and panchetta. It was OK. Next time more panchetta, less spinach and get my homemade alfredo sauce a little thicker. (hahahahahha)

I am adding another Merc employee to my blog links. Her blog is only about the cards she makes but maybe we can get her to open up!! It would be nice to get another person writing. Yes, it a Kathy and her blog is called Bella Luna. Click the link to check it out. She does make some very cool cards.

Finally, I am totally bummed 103.1 has gone off the air and is now another damn spanish station. WTF!!! Due to ratings they had to stop but are going to keep broadcasting on the internet but that does not help when in the car.

In honor of 103.1 - a song they were playing in their last day rotation. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE by Black Flag

Have a good one.

January 11, 2009

Hey - it's 200

It seems this is my 200th post. Never thought it would get this far. Who knew????

Well not much going on. Work is work. New rule went into effect that we cannot enter more than 40 hours a week into the software for tracking time - regardless of how much time you work. This really pissed off everyone. We know we don't get paid for it - we are salary but we like the fact that it is tracked. I know a few people who have employment lawyer friends who might look into this. Our big issue is how can your track resources and that you are planning for a project right if you don't know people are doing 50 to 60 hours a week to do it. I think this is their plan. Everything is planned to 40 and project hours will only show 40... makes certain people look good in my opinion.

Father in law has been bored so my garage is getting drywalled - which is very cool!! Spent the weekend putting on the primer coat, cleaning up the dust and prepping the last wall. I am so thankful for him - my in-laws are such good people.

Hard to find time to ride so I am trying to ride in every Friday. I really enjoy it.

OK - wifey talked me into seeing the movie Gran Turino and I gotta tell you - a must must must see!!! Eastwood has gotten better in his old age. This movie is phenomenal!!! All I can say is go see it. You will not be disappointed.

Haven't had much time for any new music so I have to disappoint. I will get back into looking for some good tunes.

Have a great week

January 03, 2009


Another year - can't believe it. It is going by so fast these days or so it seems. As usual in my house, I am the only person who can stay awake until midnight. Jilly made it to about 11:40 than crashed. The girls in this house need to man up I tell ya.

So of course I had to start thew New Years off right so I did a nice little 20 mile ride with some hills to climb including climbing this short but steep hill without stopping that has been a nemesis of mine. I was determined to not stop till I got to the top - a good way to start the new year for me.

On that note, here you go, your first gift of 2009:

Yes - me in full winter riding gear. Go ahead, take a few minutes to drink it all in. Don't let the sunshine fool ya, it was cold as all git out that morning. 50 degrees if I was lucky. That is all my new winter gear and stuff Santa got me for Christmas.

Sorry no song of the blog but been busy lately and after "leaving" early yesterday and riding for a few hours got called back to work and did not leave until 10:30 pm. So much for leaving early I guess.

Off to take down the x-mas lights and remember - Anaheim Supercross 2009 opener is tonight - live on Speed TV starting at 7.

Have a great year!!!!