May 28, 2008

Just a few quick items

1. While partaking in more dental suffering today (albeit less than it has been) the wifey was watching a program about how crappy dental insurance is. In 1960 or 1965 a $1000 annual cap was instituted - guess what.. it is now 2008 and that cap has NEVER increased. You heard me.... NEVER. Even though cost have quadrupled plus since then, coverage has never increased in 40 plus years... I always wondered how it was cheaper to have a kid than have a root canal. Well know you know...

2. Saw a link for this and thought... HELL YEAH!!! For the ladies too.. make small boobs big for a while and big ones even more beautiful.. hahahha Click here to check it out.

Peace out

May 27, 2008


No no that kind of metal.... Maddy got her braces today... welcome to the world of evil dentist's and orthos!!!

She is sore as she also go the expander but she will live...

Here is a joke for ya:
There is this little mexican kid and he is in english class and he teacher asks him to use Liver & Cheese in a sentence... the kid thinks about it and says....."Liver alone cheese mine".

Don't get all crazy mad ethnic on me audio!! hahahahaha

Went to Glen Helen Motocross this weekend and of course I was NOT disappointed.. Freakin awesome!!! Also, went back to the lovely abode of AVman (of course he went with me) and after a few races KICKED his ASS on MX Unleashed.!!!!! Don't believe the comments he will write about this statement unless he agrees with me - that boy has to much pride

For those of you who know him - DK bought a rode bike so as soon as he gets in shipped to him gonna convert him to the dark side - yes BIKE SHORTS!!! hahahahaha


May 20, 2008

What's the news today..

Well for all you former and maybe current Merc. folks.. Mr. Cabrera has resigned. His last day is Thursday. I think he has 15 years in so it will be a big loss for the company and us as friends but we all understand why he us leaving don't we Merc folk?? hahahahaha

What else.. well I had a Merc employee who opened his mouse pad with the gel wrist pad and he was surprised that it was like a solid type of gel.. and I asked him what did he think is was... he then instant messaged me he thought it would be like a boob implant gel... hahahahhahaaa I loved that.

Madison had her violin recital tonight - and this one she cannot hide - just her up there doing a solo and she gets better every time I hear her.. I am very impressed.. She was by far the best of the kids playing until the last kid who was ungodly on a piano for his age.... yes he was asian........

I was perusing e-bay looking at mountain bikes I cannot afford but came across this statement about the bike:

This bike is like new. I bought it last summer thinking I'd ride it more, but I lost interest in freeriding. The bike has more rides to and from the bar than actual freeriding.

Love the honesty.. cracked me up

Finally - this is my BIG weekend.. Opening round of the outdoor motocross at Glen Helen!!! WOO MOTEHR F'IN WOO!!!!!

Finallly.. Sansa Song of the Blog: "For My Family" by Agnostic Front. This is a looooong time around punk band still bringing it.

May 18, 2008


My littlest Jillian turns the big 7 today. Of course she is hyped up!! We went and saw Prince Caspian yesterday at her request and it was excellent. Then she slept on the couch (she loves that) and donuts and presents this morning.... and who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Her big party is not till the 31st. We have not had a real party for her in a few years and she wanted a Pump It Up party really bad and that was as soon as we could book it.

Had a really good ride this morning- have not felt this good on a bike in a while - still not where I was last sept/oct but well on my way.

Enjoy the Heat!!!

May 14, 2008

I will always laugh

After watching "Outrageous Moments" on TV last night and laughing my ass off at the guy who calls himself "The Pooter".. he has a fake fart machine and he goes around public farting and filming people, I remembered one of my favorite farting episodes from TV.

I dont know if you ever watched "The Drew Carey Show" but that was funny as hell for most of it's run and this link below is to one where Drew had make a safety video for work but his friends doctored it up......

Farting Drew Carey

and this from Austin Powers

In other news... if it stands... and I am sure it will - a certain long time Merc BA super has resigned.... I'll live it to you Merc boys to figger it.


May 10, 2008

Happy Mom's Day

Just want to throw a big "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" to all you mother's out there!!! You all have a hell of a job - and not just the little kids!!!

Sansa Song of the Blog: The Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes.

May 05, 2008

To space and beyond

Catchy title.. ain't it...

Well we went to the JPL Open House this Sunday and it was really cool - in a total geeky way. They have versions of Mars rovers, etc. and even a small rover that they run over the kids. Maddy was down for that, Jilly - big chicken!!

What was our favorite part was seeing the real life Deep Space Mission Control. That room with all the monitors and crap you see -that is what you get to see - it would be very cool to work down in that room. Overall, just a really cool look at what these super smart people do!! Well worth it. It is only once a year so you all have to wait till next year.

Where are the photos you say?? Well , the memory was full so I swapped it out for my other memory stick - get there line up the first shot and lo and behold.. this one is full too.. . ughhh - my lazy ass has not downloaded the photos from whenever.

Well work sucked today - i hate project managers.... I really do

Sansa Song of the Blog: They Say by Scars on Broadway. This is the new band of the guitarist and drummer from System of a Down. Nice to finally see a lot of new music coming out.


May 01, 2008

Not much one can say

For AVman:

You are my brother, my friend
when you are down
I too am saddened
But for you I am here
and when your ready
Let's have a beer
and I will listen as you remember when......

My family's thoughts and prayers are with you...