June 29, 2007

Back to normal

Well the kids are back from their trip to Sequoia with the Grandparents. They had a great time. I was cool to see the photos of General Sherman, Morro Rock etc. and remember myself being there as a kid. I want to find the old photos of us my dad has and do a compare -see if we are in the same spots and see how it changed if any. I asked the youngest what her favorite part of the trip was and she said "swimming" in the hotel pool. That is a 6 year old for ya!!!

Watched "Breach: last night. Decent movie but I still like "The Good Shepard" better. The Good Shepard have a more involved story and it is presented better. Just my movie review opinion.

Had a brief scare with the x-games tickets, The online link had all the correct data except it said I bought tickets for WWE RAW. I aint no Audioslave. Luckily the tickets themselves are for x-games so WHEW!!!!

Work has slowed down but my old BA manager resigned yesterday. That is a big bombshell - it will be interesting to see how this plays out. She has been in charge of the dept. for a long time and was about a 20 year employee.

that is all for now - have a great weekend.

June 27, 2007


In another moment that once again displayed my superior intellect I realized that adding the word "Wolverine" to anything makes it so much cooler and better. There was a guy at lunch with a shirt that said "Wolverine Fencing" - and I thought - that is cool fencing - it must be better, stronger, faster and gnarlier than all other fencing and thus the realization that "Wolverine" makes everything better.

  1. Wolverine Insurance
  2. Wolverine Beer
  3. Wolverine Bar and Grill
  4. Wolverine Hair and Nail Salon, etc...
Just think - shopping for groceries at Wolverine instead of Ralph's or Albertsons, searching the web using Wolverine.com instead of Google.com... freakin awesome.

For the ladies, Wolverine Secret (sexy lingerie) Wolverine make up (apply once a week - how cool would that be....) Wolverine feminine products.. (they could absorb a freakin river!!!)

The possibilities are endless.

You are welcome!!!


Sansa song of the blog: "Honesty" by Billy Talent. Forgot I had the video on my hard drive and I just freakin love this song - no reason - just do. Check it out bitches

June 25, 2007

What's up

Back to another long work week. Weekend was OK - got another bike ride in - I think I went four times last week and my legs were just not up to the task on Sunday Morning - climbing to many hills - should have went flat land.

House is clean (the inside at least) it was a big group effort and I almost killed myself with some lively fumes while cleaning the shower grout -that jacked up my lungs for the whole day.

Watched "Pan's Labyrinth" Saturday night and although sub-titled - great movie - I do recommend - be advised a few gnarly violence scenes - it is rate R - no for the kids.

Speaking of the kids - they are on their way to Sequoia with the grandparents for a few days. I am sure my work schedule will not be kind so as to take advantage of no kids - but it's always worth a try.

Finally - got me some x-games tickets for supermoto - moto-x and I think a freestyle event. All that for $27.50!!! me, my bro, AVman, and couple of kids are all set for August fun at the Home Depot Center.

Hope this week is better than last.


June 20, 2007

Nuthin Much

Ain't a whole lot goin on right now - not sure if that is good or bad. Still workin some good hours so I kinda just get home and not do a whole lot then the weekends are filled with cleaning and mowing, etc...

Girls are out of school and having fun at Girl Scout Day camp which is in the park right across the street so that rocks.

Outside of that, no new music or anything.... that sucks when you are so busy all that stuff drops by the wayside.

Anyways - hope everyone is having a good week.

June 15, 2007

Summa Time

It seems summer is here. Yesterday was the last day of school. The 6 year old got all 3's and S's (kindergarten version of straight A's) and the 10 year old all A's and B's. I give her extra credit on those grades as I really let her go on her own the last half of the year and checked very little homework and she did it. I am proud of both of them. 6th and 1st grades next year - should be fun!!!

My wife loves to volunteer at school and she did volunteer for both the kids teachers plus the other kindergarten teacher. As a special gift for the teachers of the little ones, she spent many hours making the quilt below.

She actually made two - one for each kindergarten teacher. She had all the kids in the class paint their hands and then sign their name. The teachers loved it, other parents loved it and I am very impressed and proud of her too. She is a natural when it comes to this sewing/quilting stuff.

I still do not have my own blanket/quilt though. She has the material and stuff but I am still waiting.

Don't forget to tune into motocross this weekend - Sunday at 10:00 am - they will stream video for the first time (many tracks are remote so hard to do) or you can just listen. Just click here and select your poison.

I have been bad on the Sansa Song of the Blog but nothing has really hit me lately so.......

Finally, had to go see "Surf's Up" last night. Not to bad and the kids loved it. That is my professional review.

Happy Father's Day to me!!!

June 13, 2007

Working from home

Just for the record - I suck at working from home. Little one has/had an upset stomach so I stayed to work from home - have all I need - VPN into work - have work e-mail, IM etc... but the lure/sound of TV etc.... just to easy. Hell I even fixed a sprinkler!!

Oh well - back to "work".......

June 10, 2007

The Weekend

A pretty good weekend so far. On Friday, I was not at work as we were volunteering for Fun Day at the elementary school. Good cause and the kids love it. I worked the Space Shuttle slide for the first hour then helped the wife in the sandy candy booth. Hard to believe this is the last week of school (we are traditional not year round) - next year I will have a 6th and 1st grader... time flies....

On Saturday I finally donated the ole truck to the salvation army. It was weird but I was truly sad. That was only my second car ever and the first one that was truly mine. (first truck I bough off pops) The pain peeled, the gas gauge and temperature gauges did not work, It ate up the front tires every year and a half (alignment was fine) it did not always shift from third to fourth on short drives, the whole parking brake component broke and finally it was having a problem starting (maybe fuel pump was going??) but somehow that truck was me.... I will miss it. I am grateful to get the Rodeo from the in-laws but I won't be totally back until I get another truck - I am a truck guy.....

The wife and I also went and saw "Knocked Up" and you have to go see this movie!!!! One of the funniest movies ever!! If you liked 40 Year old Virgin you will love, love, love this movie!! Two thumbs up!!!

At the Starbucks this morning I noticed the big display of McCartney stuff and that photo of him is hi-larious.... I think he is doing the old "pursing the lips" thing and looks totally gay in doing it. He is so done it is not even funny - time to retire.

Listening to great motocross on-line from Southwick Mass. Someday they will stream live video.

Off to my brother's later today for my niece's b-day party then the final episode of "The Soprano's" DONT MISS IT!!!


June 06, 2007

I am still here

I know I have not posted for a while but with work (ugggh), spending way to many hours here lately - too many 13 and 14 hour days. It seems the consultants we work with did not know we were salary and did not get overtime.... that came from my bitching about working late. They do get paid so why not work the hours.

Also, in an upcoming ode - my urban camoflauge truck will be going away... sniff sniff - the in-laws gave us their 96 Isuzu Rodeo and I really have no choice -the ole truck is having lots of issues.

All for now. - back to work.

June 01, 2007

Long Week

What a week it has been. We have become super busy with our project. We are now working with a team that runs off a different back end system then the rest of Mercury (we bought the company years ago and let them stay on their systems) and man o man is this going to be hard. There is a mix of them not wanting to break away from their crappy system, keeping some of the old rules and ways (they have edits in their system that do not allow an insured and spouse to be the same sex.... and they don't want to get rid of it) and I think they just do not get the big picture. Combine that with our insane time line for delivering requirements and it all adds up. Plus I get the honor of data mapping what will be our old data and database to our new one... plus and data transformation that must occur... ughhhhh - I see a lot of beer in my future.

On the interesting article side of things.. for all you iTunes users who are excited about the DRM (digital right management) free MP3's they are selling, not so fast. ArsTechnica reported that embedded in your DRM free MP3 is your name and e-mail address so if that song is ever traded on a P2P system (limewire and such) they can track it to you as the source and more than likely sue you since technically that song is only for you and if it is out there - you illegally shared it.

A new item I am posting when possible I will call "THE AUDIO FILES" which Will basically consist of things our friend "Audioslave" says while at work that crack me up.

Today's "Audio File": Have you heard of that band Ugly Kid Joe? They are a side project of Suicidal Tendencies...."

If you don't think it is funny then you don't know both bands but I will leave it at that.

Peace out