September 27, 2007

some more stuff

In my best Wrideresque by leaving out all details- had a situation where I signed on to do something that I was not sure about from the start but everyone said - no big deal - just do xyz.. Well a while ago I did X and freaked me out more than most anything - but I just did not want to let people down - maybe it will grow on me, etc. Well it was coming to a head and I just told the wifey - I just can't do this.. and all my reason including the word "Creepy". Although married for 12 years, I felt leery and scarred to tell her - did not want her to be disappointed in me, etc.. I was relieved when she gave me support and understood - meant a lot to me. GO WIFEY!!!! Called the people who were the catalysts for this (I was amped up for this and they were not home so I left a message - crappy but I had to get it out) and I really hope they do not take it bad and we have some fallout. I thought about the line if they are your true friends - they will understand - I hope and pray they do - they are good people.

You know what Wrider - being vague and cryptic is pretty cool.

As I as starting my bike ride today - it dawned on me how relaxing, serene and calming my riding has become - I have really hit the point where I need it - the few blocks of stress I have seem to lift off my shoulders as I get going... it has become more than exercise for me now - and I really like that.

oh yeah - got hit by that damn bugs brother today!!! luckily a little lower so it did not hurt - freakin bastards... what is the deal???

Make sure you watch THE OFFICE tonight!!!!!

September 25, 2007


Yes people, America is the Champions once again. We freakin dominated the Motocross of Nations this weekend!!! Not to get into to many details but there are 3 classes and 3 riders per nation and the do two motos each. They run two classes together so overall there are 6 motos done within 3 races. NOW..... there is 1 point for first, 2 for second etc. and the team with the lowest number wins (they get to drop one moto score) The lowest possible score a team can get is 7 - three firsts and two seconds.. USA had a score of 8 this year. Second place - freakin France with 34 points!! Great day to be an American I say!!!!

What is the deal with the fitted sheet? I hate the damn thing. I do not know how to fold it so it looks nice. SERIOUSLY!!! I hate the damn thing........

Yesterday was Audio's first day at his new job. Hope it all went well.

For the Mercury returnee.... for those of you who know her - Charme is coming back. Who'd a thunk it but right time, right place I guess. It will be nice to have her back.

Got hit on the lip on the bike trail last night by a giant bug - freakin hurt!!!! Lip went numb where it hit. I kinda freaked out and was squeezing my lip in case there was a stinger or something.. all the while I kept a pedal-in. MANNIN UP!!!!

Peace out

September 22, 2007


It's time to get your patriotic side going again in the sportsworld! why is that birdman you ask? is it the world series?? uhh no.. GAY.. Is it the superbowl?? uhh no but better. Is it the Olympics??!?!?! please people, we are talking about real sports here. Ryder Cup??? you better be wearing one for that question.

FOLKS - this sunday is the 2007 MOTOCROSS OF NATIONS!!! That's right bitches.. the top motocross countries in the world are battling for world motocross supremacy. For the first time in 20 years, it is being held in America (FIM dont like our dominance to much) at Budds Creek, Maryland.

Here is some info for ya: Most wins by any nation - USA Most consecutive wins by a nation - USA and we USA has the fastest lap times in practice for all three classes.

Time to kick some more Euro ass tomorrow!!!

Again, get to spend some quality time with AVman - we are going to watch the race on-line and hook his laptop up to the his big plasma (hahahahahaha). Don't worry, my bro will be there to so AINT NO MISBEHAVIN!!!

We said goodbye to Audioslave yesterday - he is gone from the Merc. We wish him well.

Finally, found an old CD that had some live stuff from one of my favorite all time bands - The Chameleons UK - that I seemed to have forgotten. They are an 80's band (but not the stupid crap normally associated with that era) and they have a song called "Second Skin" about immortality - based on that of movie stars then near death experiences - and there is a small part of the song where - for me - the lyrics, music, and the way he sings it - all come together.

Second Skin:

One cold damp evening
The world stood still
I watched as I held my breath
A silhouette I thought I knew
Came through
And someone spoke to me
Whispered in my ear
This fantasy's for you
Fantasies are "in" this year

My whole life passed before my eyes
I thought
What they say is true
I shed my skin and my disguise
And cold, numb and naked
I emerged from my cocoon
And a half remembered tune
Played softly in my head

Then he turned smiling
And said
I realise a miracle is due
I dedicate this melody to you
But is this the stuff dreams are made of?
If this is the stuff dreams are made of
No wonder I feel like I'm floating on air
It feels like I'm everywhere

It's like you fail to make the connection
You know how vital it is
Or when something slips through your fingers
You know how precious it is
Well you reach the point where you know
It's only your second skin

Someone's banging on my door

Have a great weekend. USA! USA! USA!

September 18, 2007

The video link blog

Thought I would share some cool videos out there. First off, AVman had advised me (since I will not watch it) that a cool song was played by Foo Fighters with Serj from System of a Down on the MTV VMA's. The song is Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedy's. They are/were a great punk band from the late 70's through the 80's and this is a classic punk song. Sadly I think many people that the suits from MTV filled the room with probably had no clue about the song.

Click here for the FOO FIGHTERS version

Click here for a great and old live version by the Dead Kennedy's themselves.

One thing that did bum me out was the crappy political correctness displayed when Foo/Serj changed the use of the word "nigger" to "brother" in the song. It is not used derogatory - it is meant to make a point - and it is not made when it is changed.

For another video - I am sure we have all seen gay boy crying for Brittany Spears- well real or not check out the spoof by Seth Green - NICE!!!

Work is work..... but it looks like we might be getting back another ex-employee. It is a good person - I will fill you in when there is more certainty.

Last but not least - everyone say a prayer for AVman (you can hum it to "save a prayer" by Duran Duran if you need to) He might be coming over to my M1 team at the Merc. It will be really good for him - better environment -better people (cause I am there) and lots of new developer crap to learn.


September 13, 2007

I've been lazy

but only when it comes to my blog - not sure why...

As noted by my last blog - SUNDAY was a kicks ass day - moto -freakin - cross people!!! Greatest sport on EARTH and unbelievable to watch live.

Track was great - racing was great - and both the lites and motocross classes did not crown the champions for the season until the last moto... dont get better.

It was myself along with the AVman. My good friend and AVman' s new friend - Maxican (mexican named Max) was stuck working and we were to meet up with my bro (he goes with his friend who runs Suzuki's amateur Motocross program) So after calling my bro multiple times we finally get him during intermission,.

Me: Mike where are you
Bro: where are you?
Me: Up on the hill by the jump where we were last time but on the incline
Bro: look down - do you see all the motorhomes
Me: yes
Bro: do you see the black and white one with the big Fox Racing logo on it?
Me: Yes
Bro: do you see a guy in a red shirt on top in a chair?
Me: Yes
Bro: That's me
Me: how the hell?
Bro: connections

Well I just ended the call right there. So while he hob-nobbed with executives from Fox Racing, the son of the founder of Six Six One,etc.. eating and drinking anything he wanted, AVman and myself got to stand with guys who did not wear deodorant, guys who said "oh jesus" alot and watched kids and drunk people try to navigate up and down a very steep and slippery hill.

DAMN PRETTY BOY!!! and we let him know.

But I can say he did not get to see the sun glimmer off the freshly sunscreened supple skin of AVman in the desert light.... some things you just cannot put a price on..

Other than that.. nothing new - just working and riding and getting back into the school mode with the kids.

have a great week/weekend

September 07, 2007

It's been crazy....

At the Merc!!! We heard rumors of more senior mangers leaving ,etc... end result was today after lunch the new CIO (8 months??) was escorted out the building.... GONE!!! I did not know a lot about him, etc. and I tried to give the benefit of the doubt but there were way to many happy mangers, senior managers, etc... with the news of his departure. We lost a lot of good people that has been attributed to him so short term looks bad but long term I think it was necessary.

I called this week at work "rumorlicious" and man was it!!!

Got's to go a vato wedding down by Diego on Sat. That means good food and tons of free beer!! I am so down!!!!


I can't freakin wait!! ... can you I loves me some supercross at Anaheim Stadium but nothing to me beats outdoor motocross.... that is what it is all about. If you are bored - hit it up -you will not be disappointed (it will be hot thought) click here for details.

Mama, yes I get more quality time with AVman!!!! I was going to pick him up but I think it is easier if I just roll over and give him a good morning wake up spoon!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.

September 04, 2007

Back to Reality

Well, I am officially back from vacation. That dam thing called work made me go back to it today.

It was a great week off. Me, the wifey and the kids took off to Morro Bay for a few days of R and R (it is kinda possible with the kids - ahhh the stress relief that is yelling!!! ahahahaha)

For the kids it started with a few days visiting Tia at the base - Fort Irwin

Our brother in law in the Army and was out training for two weeks so they went out to visit their tia (wifey's sister)

When they got back - off to Morro Bay. Our little Best Western hotel was really nice and less than a block from the bay - here is a view of the bay and chicas:

If was really nice and relaxing. Lots of seals (sea otters, see lions? who the hell knows) and the little one loved them!! She would imitate their "AR AR" sounds and really believed she could talk to them and speak their language. Gotta love that.

Next day - 1/2 drive up the coast to Hearst Castle. I love the place.....Here is one of me and the girls:

After relaxing for the rest of the day, we drove back home the next day and stopped at Solvang then the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. I live really close to the Nixon Library and I must say the Reagan Library is so much better. Up on a hill top, quiet, views all around. Well worth it to me. They even have his Air Force One that you can walk through.

WHEW!!! a busy but nice and relaxing vacation. Outside of that, cleaned house - couple of good bike rides and movies on HBO... speaking of which.. I have always heard bad things about "The Lady in the Water" by M Night Shyalman (sp?) but I finally saw and it I loved it. I love his movies, the way he tells a story and the way he films it.

Finally, first day of school for the kids. Maddie is in 6th and Jillie in 1st.

Have a great day!!!