January 30, 2007

Just a quick post

I was in the truck and I heard a song today and it has been a while since I heard a really, really good song the I totally dig that is on the different side.

The song is "Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups - totally worth checking out!

Thats All!

January 26, 2007

Just Stuff

Are you an Iguana??? Funny ass story from Yahoo:

Mozart, an iguana with an erection that has lasted for over a week, will have his penis amputated in the next couple of days.

Apparently he need not worry:

The good news for Mozart and his mates is that male iguanas have two penises.

In words I think Jay and Silent Bob would say "Nature's a Fuckin Freak!"

In other news, I read an article that I found very interesting and I must admit I am not a fan of Unions so I am biased....but still...

A bill will be introduced by Democrats on what is called "Employee Free Choice Act". This is basically what the bill does:

Force the federal government to order companies to accept a union if labor organizers convince a majority of workers to simply sign a card without elections.

It seems the Unions feel that secret ballots are prone to "Corporate Intimidation" but handing over a check card directly to the Union organizer is not.....right.....

Here is a quote from a supporter of the bill:

"Simple recognition when a majority of workers sign cards is a more democratic process" than holding an election."

Did you know that elections are not democratic??

Just a few more items and I'll shut it. 1. The Unions gave about 140 million in the last elections and it sure as hell was not to Republicans. They are going to want some bang for their buck. Funny how a big business like the Unions are not considered big business by those who support Unions (and not big business) 2. Although they advocate "card check" for starting a union, they do not support it for ending a union......gotta have an election for that!!

In the funny/scary category (I say both so I don't go to hell but maybe purgatory)

During lunch I was at the intersection of Kramer and Imperial waiting for the light so I can cross the street (I'm on foot) Across the street I see a "little rascal" in her "little rascal" powering her way to the intersection to cross from the other side. As she rides up to hit the button to cross, our light turns green and having already hit the button myself, the "walk" guy displays. She notices this and without slowing down makes a sudden turn for the sidewalk ramp to keeps going but she judges her turn wrong and goes right off the curb. Since the "little rascal" in her "little rascal" was not going that fast, it was a nose dive into the street. She survived only due to the lack of height of the curb. I do have to give her props for not only pulling it off but acting as if nothing ever happend.

In the funny/scary category 2 (again so I don't go to hell but maybe purgatory)

While at the light a girl was jogging on the sidewalk and ran the corner a little wide. I watched her approach a telephone pole and thought to myself "Ouch she is gonna crash" while at the same time "this is gonna be great if she runs into it"..

Finally - the Sansa MP3 song of the player: Bad Reputation by Freedy Johnston. Just a cool song

January 20, 2007

Old Movies and Old Songs

Flipping through the channels this afternoon and l come across one of my favorite old movies:

I love this movie and I have no real idea why - Don Knotts as a cartoon fish - who'd a thunk it. Nonetheless it is a very enjoyable movie.

Well, that is the Old Movie section, now for the Old Song section.

It seems the MP3 player has made an impact on myself, The Wrider and I'm the Mama. For me so far, the best part is hearing old songs. My Sansa came with 2 free months of Rhapsody so I am taking advantage.

My best so far:

Sebastiane by Sex Gang Children

The entire Bad Brains album - Rock for Light

Follow the Leader by Killing Joke

Intense Energy by Aggression

A little different than the songs posted by my other MP3 comrades but that is what makes me The Birdman.

On the new tip - I downloaded the new Pete Yorn album - NightCrawler - well worth it. I have really enjoyed his music since his first release.

Peace out for now!

January 17, 2007

Beware the OCTA! (aka why me?)

So I go to the mall last Friday to have lunch with a lovely coworker at the mall ( I know but she needed to do shopping) and while I was in line at the ever yummy Arby's a guy in his OCTA bus driver uniform decides to ask me the question of the year for him in his attempt for random stranger attention. 'Hey, have you ever heard that you are not supposed to leave your cell phone next to your food?" Now for those of you who know the Birdman - you know this can go two ways - I can answer NO or I can torture myself with whatever this man may bring if I say - I don't know, I don't have a cell phone. (cause I don't) Luckily I was quick on my feet and responded with NO. He then proceeds to tell me and the lady working the Arby's who I am not sure even understood any English beyond the Arby's menu that he had heard this. He then proceeds to tell me he left his food next to his cell phone and it tasted like metal.

I thought about mentioning the theory of a self fulfilling prophecy but that would have started a long explanation on what that was and the fact that he was told about it and still felt the need to test the theory...... How many times did this poor bastard touch the hot stove as a kid.......

Anyways - I just nod, get my food and given the a tip to not do it - in fact no metal objects at all near your food. Damn..... had I knows I would not have bought all those metal pots and pans, plus that damn metal stove.

But all was well as Arby's makes everything better.

Later and think twice before taking public transportation.

January 10, 2007

The Trip

Ahh the fun of family vacations..... Actually we had a really good time. Here is a "blow by blow" of the trip:

January 1:

We left on in the early evening. The wifey's sister is now living in Barstow as her husband is at Fort Irwin. The good about this was it is right at the 15/40 interstate split and allowed us to take a little time of the drive. The bad news: 1 - It's Barstow - what a dive!! Gotta love a city with a mall that only has about 3 open stores in it. 2 - The in-laws love to run the heater - ON HIGH!!! not only was it hot, it made a loud bang when it kicked in. 3 - There is no extra bed so the wifey and I attempted to sleep on a "inflate-a-bed" thing - totally uncomforatble. Suffice to say I got about 3 hours of sleep to get myself ready for the next days drive.

January 2:

I wake up and I am ready to go by 7:00 am - sadly the rest of my family is female so we leave about 8:30 am. Everyone goes to het bathroom - we hit Starbucks and we are just about to get on I-40 East and low and behold - the little one has to go to the bathroom - AGAIN!! Since we are close - back to the in-laws for potty time (we used the Carl's Jr bathroom the night before - NEVER AGAIN)

Potty break done - on to the I-40 and the open road - nice and freakin windy - Then about 30 miles into the drive - the older one needs to ......wait for it ....... yep - SHE GOTTA PEE!!! I must say as a man.... just killing me!!!!!

So now that is done and it is straight windy driving to Needles for a lunch break. The Carl's Jr is for some odd reason - drive through only so off the Taco Bell (not much choice) and the 20 minute wait. Why is it that small armpit towns just cant understand that fast food is supposed to be served FAST!!!

So off we go again this time with the wifey (who has a severe OCD need to drive) at the wheel. YEAH FOR ME!!!!

I must say once you get past Kingman teh drive is awesome!!! Very beautiful and this seems to make the drive a lot easier. We stop in a small town called Seligman to get gas and of course - all the girls gotta go AGAIN!!! Good side note for the ladies... If you have to stop in Seligman, use the bathrooms at the Chevron/A & W Root Beer - a huge thumbs up from all the girls.

About 35 more miles and we are in Williams. Very cool small town - ver nice hotel (Grand canyon Railway and Resort). Check in, get the bags in, get to the room, lay down on the bed....and the kids wanna go play in the snow. I force them to wait 10 minutes (just becasue I am DAD and can) then outside to play.

Tune in for more Grand Canyon Adventures coming soon!!!!!

Here is a link to some action adventure photos of the trip - Grand Canyon and the Caverns

January 05, 2007

Hello for 2007

I'm back from the big Grand Canyon trip with the family. I will follow up with more but for now here is one photo of the canyon.

Blog you soon!