June 19, 2006

Some Brain Housekeeping

Not a whole lot goin on right now. Only one response to my PH-Art challenge so that obviously blew chunks and must be considered TOTALLY GAY!!!!

We'll I have a link to a new blogger and for the life of me why name your blog something nobody knows what the hell it means, much less pronounce. Personally I am even scared to look it up.. what is it???


I know..... I dont know either so lets be brave and look it up together. Here we go:

  1. A state of mental or physical inactivity or insensibility.
  2. Lethargy; apathy. See Synonyms at lethargy.
  3. The dormant, inactive state of a hibernating or estivating animal.
Estivating??? I hate it when I look up a word and have to look up a word used to describe the word I am looking up!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Why couldn't TM just call his site "Lazy good for nothin!!" or something along those lines. Woulda made life a little easier.

In other news, now that the two "chilluns" be out of school, I will have time to read so I's got me a book.

A Bridge to Far

It was recommended by "That Gay" so I had concerns that the title might be a metaphor for some gay activity he is trying to push on me (I mean that literally - push on me) but after it looked like it was really about killin and was only $4 (cha-ching mofo) I decided it was worth the risk.

Finally I have remembered to post my AMA MOTOCROSS update for the weekends racin!

It was good!

If you want to know more click the links on the side.

Motocross kicks ass!! If you have never been to one - it is a must. I like supercross but aint nothin better than outdoor motocross.

For us So Cal people the next big outdoor race is in early Sept. at Glen Helen. Be there if you can.

June 12, 2006


It seems I have not blogged soon enough for some of my tormentors.. . uh I mean commentors. I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!! On Friday, volunteered at the elementary school to help set up, work and dismantle everything needed for Fun Day (fundraiser). On Saturday, mow, edge, sweep, etc the front and back yards plus clean the house and on Sunday I moved a massive pile of dirt from my driveway to the side of the house (on the other side of course) to start filling in all the dirt that is missing (dont need to see the foundation of my house), so I have been a little tired (plus I drank alot of beer during this time period)

With the exception of Friday, all this accomplished while the wifey is basking in the sun, sin and alcohol delirium that is Vegas with the girls (ladies, I can be purchased for the right price...) but dammit all if all that hard work did not pay off. Time to sell tickets to the GUN SHOW!!!! I'm freakin ripped now (who woulda thought it only took three days and about 5,000 lbs of lifting)

Now on to business. The Greatest American Zero made the first strike and posted his version of PH-Art:

Please feel free to comment and I am waiting for more examples

That is all for today gotta go oil the GUNS for the show!!

June 05, 2006


Whilst creating my fabulous artwork the thought of combining two fun activities came to mind. I like ART and I like FARTING... thus PH-Art.

But what is it?? Is it art that is PH balanced? is it art that is Pretty Hot and Tempting? or is it just fart??

I alone cannot answer this question thus I present it to you, the masses, to help me in my quest for defining what PH-Art is. I don't want text or written words I want photos of whatever you see in the world, the net, etc.. that you feel defines PH-Art. When you do find it, steal my kick ass logo and post it to your blog. Let me know what you find so I can make a post to link your to version of PH-Art.

I expect great things from The Greatest American Zero, Mister Who and I'm the Beard. That Gay - I know you look at the ass in a way very different from the rest of us so please......just please!!!!

P.S. Props to the father in law for bustin his ass to scrape my popcorn riddled ceilings. HE DA MAN!