November 27, 2007

Dark is the night

but good lights on a mountain bile make it Bad Ass!!! Tonight I went on my first night mountain bike ride and I freakin loved it. Scary, tiring, fast, etc... I used to mountain bike the Fullerton loop when I first got married but after the first kid is dropped off so I have not really mountain biked in about 9 years.

My bro rides with a guy he used to work with that I also know so he loaned me his old bike (still kick ass - full suspension and disk brakes, etc.) so off we all went tonight. Now you all know I rode bike but let me tell you, we did an 11 1/2 mile loop and I swear half of it was hill climbs.. it kicked my ass!!! I actually walked up a couple of the climbs and my lungs were burning good ( I am a little congested) There are no real hills in my road biking and you can get your body into a rhythm. I also took a good digger... really cool but rough section and all you can see is what your bike lights lite up and what looked like a good path was not and hit the ground.. Some good scrapes but I will live.

I gotta say the best part is going through the tight wooded tree sections - make all decisions (at least for me as I don't know the trail anymore - all new) at the last second based on what you can see (any my bro telling me when some harder stuff was coming up) a great rush!!!

I will be doing this again - he offered the bike to me any time I want to go with them which is way cool of him. Hopefully on the road bike ride we are planning I can hold my own as I sucked it up and sucked air on this ride!! hahahaha

Have a good day!!

November 25, 2007

Holiday is over

That was a fast f'in four days... I am tellin ya. But at least it was a good one. Thanksgiving was at our house and it went really well. No stress, good food, no arguments ,etc.... everyone behaved and it was a good relaxing time. Our nephew spent the night on Thursday - the girls love having him over and they are truly his best friends. That is going to be the hard part about them shipping up to Washington in a couple of weeks. They are all going to miss each other. Maybe I can have her get a blog...not a bad way to keep in touch.

On Friday night had a cool date with the AVman - we went and saw "Control" the movie about Ian Curtis of Joy Division based on the book by his widow. If you don't really know the band then it might not be a good movie but for those of us who have followed them forever (since I Was about 16) it was a great insight into him and his life. Brought some new perspective to his lyrics. I gotta say the actor they got to play him looks so much like him it is freaky.

Got a ride in today and man, I don't know what it is but once on the trail I am clogging up like a drain full of women's hair. I am not getting enough oxygen and it is making my rides more difficult. I will persevere though. I am supposed to go on a night mountain biking ride on Tuesday with the Bro. I am really looking forward to that.

That's all for now - heard a new Mudvayne album is coming out Tues. so I have to check that out.


November 22, 2007

Turkey Turkey

Just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the 4 day weekend!

November 17, 2007

What a week

Man what a week. I have not had this stressful of a week in a long time. As projects move closer and closer to the due date people start to get stressed and many do not handle it well. When this happens they tend to involve you and etc..... you know the drill. So who caused me stress.. dumbass QA (most not all) who are "testing professionals" but don't know squat about insurance etc... but act like they do and want everything from you ASAP. F them.. PM's (project managers) these are those highly paid dipshits who don't understand technology and whose only job appears to be bothering the people who actually do the work. As a project progresses the complexity of the errors goes up and to watch them not be able to follow a discussion in a meeting they called to resolve an issue gets really annoying (we know what one of them makes and it's about 20k more than me and in no way does this person deserve it) Couple that with a lot of hours and booooooo!!!

On the good side, some of the developers from the other building moved over (AVman is not there......yet..) and this guy is Andy from the Office - but a more tech/nerd version. At first I thought he was the guy from Seinfeld who was the crappy bookie that Jerry accidentally broke his thumbs as he looks like that guy but here is what makes him And:

1. Brought in the cookie dough stuff for those who purchased and once he found out what it was said "Dude... we could totally mow through that right now!! Totally mow through it.
2. Explained to us how "Dude" is such a great a word. How people have actually asked him "Did you just call me dude??" and that he had to create "Dudeette" for women.

Keep in mind I in no way ever encouraged him to talk to me

3. Out of the blue asked me if I drive a Trans Am.. uhh no Do you drive a Camaro.... uhhh no. You totally look like you would especially with a mullet...... wtf????
4. Thursday he started to whistle when he walked around the office
5. Yesterday while wearing his headphones started singing the chorus to a Bon Jovi out loud.....

This guy drives me nuts but the comedy value is there so I have to take it. Our goal now is that since we are sure he does not watch the office (he found out about the series Stargate this year and is trying to catch up from prior years) to get him to call me Big Tuna.

Was leaving Fry's today and saw a over 16 kid riding his razor scooter to Fry's. HOLY CRAP!!! I should have just run him over...done him a favor. I thought I had a low possibility of scoring with the ladies... this kid is on the negative side.....I was cracking up.

Can't think of anything else right now.

Song of the Blog: I am totally hooked on Long Road to Ruin by Foo Fighters!

November 08, 2007

another long absence

Away for a while again.. by the time I get home from work and kids and stuff... just have not even turned on the computer for the last few days hardly.

I gotta get this out of the way: Mama - so sorry about the Walk and Donations. I kept meaning to donate but my mind seemed to keep forgetting. No excuses though - I'm sorry.

Work is becoming very very busy - deep into development for the first release and starting development on the second and all the change requests that come along with it plus document updates etc... I am gettin tired.

I hate the time change. Since it happened I have not come home with any light. I have been using the bicycle trainer but it is a mental challenge for me - the idea of not moving while peddling is killing me but I will conquer and survive and be a bad ass on the trail come next summer. (yeah right!! hahahaha)

Although work is tough, me, DK, and Robb (the chick who we think is really a man... hahaha) are having some IM fun for sure. Funny story. We have a really cool Indian developer - he is an employee and he is cool with our jokes. So the other day he is jabbered by DK who tells him "tell Robb you have a kong dong. Of course this means nothing to him. What we did not expect is for him to get up from his desk and walk towards us and from about 15 feet away say out loud in the room "Who is kong dong?" We were cracking up while telling him to shut up so we don't get fired.... good times.

Here is the halloween pic of the girls I promised:

Well I think that is all I gots for now. Hittin the riding still in the garage late tonight - gotta keep riding.

Song of the Blog: No idea of the name but I heard a new Avenged Sevenfold song on KROQ today and it rocked..