July 26, 2008

Almost over

2 weeks off.. . and man did I need it. It has been years since I have taken two weeks in a row off....the first week you just get work out of your system... then you can relax on the second week.

I am feeling better - about 90%... it turns out I do have some allergies.. my mom an bro have them - just took me time to grow into them and I found out - my own research - that a hiatal hernia can affect your respiratory system so I think I just got the big triple whammy last week. Seems I should not have caffeine, chocolate, peppermint,, onions, tomato based products (maaannn!!!) etc. All of these things can cause me issues so time to adjust the diet again... GO BLAND or GO HOME is the new motto!!! Hopefully in a week the lungs will be fully back and I can crank out more long rides.

Nothing big on the vacation but I did relax this week. Read, played video games, took the girls to the movies, bowling.. a couple of 20 miles bike rides and went with me mum and girls to the Getty Museum. I love the Getty - so worth it since it is free!!! hahahaha

Here are a couple of pics

Me and my mom

Grandma and the girls

We had a great time and it was nice since I don't "chill" with my mom to often (my sisters rule that world... hahaha)

Finally - Song of the blog: Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. Heard this yesterday and I always loved this song.

July 19, 2008

whadda week!

Well, I got my prescription for my respitory stuff and that aggrevated my hiatal hernia so I had to get stuff for that.. then went to the beach with the kids and in my rush, forgot to sunscreen my feet.. they are roasted toasted and swollen... not a cool week so far..... next week has to be better!!!!

For you Rage Against the Machine fans, Zach de la Rocha has new stuff out with One Day as a Lion. Song totally rocks!!!

Beat audio to the posting punch on this one!!

click here: Wild International

Not much else...


July 15, 2008

Hello from the land of vacation and lung infections

That is right - first few days on vacation and I have some form of lung thing. Went riding on Friday and it was bad - could not breathe - so I am getting my prescription today... not the way I wanted to start my vacation. i was planning to ride every day - not this week - big bummer. But at least I am not at work - I needed that really bad. So I am just chilling with the kids etc. Trying to figure out something to do not to expensive - this has been a bad bill year.

We had an IT townhall meeting and it was a 3 hour waste of time - they ran it like the tonight show.... with 80% of the "jokes" just lame.. coulda got more work done in the office.. oh well - they made themselves happy I guess.

Not much else going on - hope my breathing gets better soon and hit the trail for some miles..

sorry no song but have not been listening to much lately...


July 08, 2008

All hail the re-org

Well, it finally happened - the re-org IT. Of course I did not get promoted.... but I have a new super and a new BA manager. For you ex-Merc - Ernie is my super and Carolinda is my BA manager. OH, it appears two others got promoted to supervisor - one very deserving - Nicole and one not - name deleted..

On one hand I don't care but on the other... what more can I do...... very disheartening.. Oh well, gonna go on vacation and then see how I feel when I come back and after I tell the new BA mgr how I am not happy about this...

I like the people I work with on a daily basis and I think we will be learning some new stuff... but...... who knows.. I do value my job security. I for sure am going to push back on the new bosses to deal with the crap....

Did 30 miles on Sunday and 14 with the hills and the wind today!!!!

July 01, 2008

Hands Free.........

First, thank for the kind words about my last blog - it is cool. Here is a slide show and it wont let me make a link so paste this into your browser or just click it


He is #530 and his friend Cole is #19

Now that stupid Hands Free cell phone law....... hate it... The best part is it is not based on any science or study cause if they cared, they would have read that it is not phone that is the problem, it is the conversation itself.. so by allowing more conversation to occur with hands free devices they may be making the problem worse. Stupid politicians trying to "save the people".. this is just as bad as all those "for the children" crap they pass. That is a whole nother story but I hate all those laws that are trying to force me to be the parent "they like" I can take care of my own kids - I never vote for those laws but I always lose.

The cell phone is also way down the list on distractions so go ahead - get your hands free device and talk away while you shave, do your make up and eat all at the same time cause that is legal....

Wow that was a rant!! hahahahahahha