April 27, 2008

The Agony

not really... so I had my wisdom plus one teeth removed Sat. morning. Gotta say - like hte knocked out stuff - they did not even tell me - I was laying there one minute and waking up done the next. My whole mouth hurt for a few hours but now it is just down to the lower right - this one was impacted and f does it hurt - even if I open my mouth just a little to wide (easy on the jokes there...)

I do have Vicodin but I dont get the great feeling you all do - most of the pain is gone but not all..

Well that is it for now - off to more meals of Cream O Wheat and Mashed Potatoes!

Hope your weekend is good

LATE ADD: Heard this morning .. Pork and Beans - new jam by Weezer. It totally rocks!!!!

April 22, 2008

Culture is painful

So as you know I did go to the "Theater/Opera" and what I can tell you is the wifey LOVED it and was happy so that is all that counts. I can tell you I was all excited when there was this flash of light from the stage and the lights went on - Cool it's over I said - No it's intermission said the wifey - nothing more soul crushing..... except that fact that I am on antibiotics soooo NO BEER!!! UGHHHH!!!

In other more positive news - if all goes as planned I will get the wisdom teeth out on Sat. The only thing that worries me is I have never been put under - EVER!! I thank my lucky stars to get to my age and never have to be put under but a little scary for me none-the-less. I will live though.

Work is work..... nothing new there - and that is a good thing.

I got nothing else so that is where I will leave it - peace!!!

April 19, 2008

I caved.....

What did I cave in on you say..... I am going to suffer through the crap that is Phantom of the Opera tonight. Wifey has wanted to go for ages so being the awesome guy that I am.... i bought tickets. I am soooooo not looking forward to this. Don't tell me I will like it or it is better than you think.. I have heard snippets of songs and luckily it stopped before i plunged the knife into my chest.

For you ex merc..... rumor of hte re-org leaves me where I am but...... reporting to the current QS super (who should not be in that job) again...... I am not happy about that and I will tell the new overall mgr guy that I am not happy and he should not be my boss. I will respect it but I want him to know that.... keep them on their toes.

My dental life SUCKS!! I hate hate hate the dentist but my broken tooth went viral.... and upon further review I have to have my wisdom and due to some teeth have fillings they say are way to large thus weakening my teeth, two of my back teeth have cracked. There is money down the drain but freakin have to do it... and only one small cavity... I guess for dental I go big or go home.

Song of the blog: Remedy by the Black Crowes

April 11, 2008

Pretty cool

Came across these links and thought they were both really cool stories about mankind and technology


Robotic Arm


April 09, 2008

bloggity blog

Well, what to say.... wifey and I made 13 years of matrimony this week.... not to shabby.

More shake ups at work coming - more new people and what they want - find out Friday - I don't care much anymore and is it really gonna affect me ... ehhhhh

Not much else going on.

Madison played her Honors Orchestra on Monday gig on Monday - it was really cool - the video is huge so don't think I can upload it anywhere "for free". They did good and I was proud.

Let's support the proposed repeal of special order 40. Cops should always ask citizenship when the arrest people... then deport once they are out of jail. Sadly it will take this non-white couple to get it through without the stupid calls of "racism" that we white folk would get.

Not much else..

Song of the blog: Found this old song and here is the video link "CLICK ME". Factory 81 - Nanu. Love the song intro.

BONUS Song of the blog - PLUS VIDEO LINK "click here" - old band again - Epidemic - Walk Away