August 25, 2007

You may not belive I like this.....

Check out these classical but metal influenced guitarists - Rodrigo y Gabriela.. just click the links below:


Stairway to Heaven



Check out their other stuff - they are unbeliveable, rockin, kick ass, etc.. NUFF SAID!!!!

August 24, 2007

You know your getting old....

Well, it turns out the wifey decided to bolt with the kids for a few days to spend it with her sister. Her sister is on the base at Fort Irwin out by Barstow and her sister's husband is gone training for two weeks and there is nothing to do out there - so she likes to visit her and help her out (sister is recovering from knee surgery and has a disc in her back with little cartilage to go along with the metal rod from when she had scoliosis) and my kids keep her son who has Aspberger's syndrome happy and busy.

So what am I doing with this freedom... titty bars?? NO, drunken debauchery...... NO.. the first thing I thought of was "I can get rides in everyday this weekend".. pretty freakin sad and pathetic.... and I did ride today after work - 25 miles - tomorrow morning I am hoping for 30 to 35 miles - play it by ear.

I have a free movie pass so I might go see a movie tonight - maybe...

let the comments of my patheticness begin!!!

August 23, 2007

woop de doo

Hell, aint nothing goin on to write about - I do have vacation next week - whole week - I really need it. Have some tentative plans so if they work out I will blog about them then.

The only thing I have is I am really addicted to the song "Oil and Water" by Incubus. There is so much emotion in his singing and energy in the music.. it just sticks with me... Do yourself a favor and check it out.


August 19, 2007

Surf's Up and Pain Management

Mission accomplished!!! Yesterday I decided to go for it and I made it - BEACH AND BACK!!! 40-42 miles in about 3 hours.... I stopped about a mile from PCH but my legs were telling me if I go all the way I will pay for it. Rode all the way down - 15-20 minute food and drink break and all the way back. About 5 miles left to go my right knee gave me a note it was no to happy and it forced me into a real easy gear as I could not put a lot of pressure on it and about 2 miles to go the tank was EMPTY!! I was tired and the legs were hurtin but I was to close to give so I managed the pain and made it.....(good thinkg I listened to my legs earlier) I feel very proud of myself and now I do not have to do it again for a while.. .hahahahaa - not in this heat/humidity!!!

Man o man were my legs hurtin while mowing the lawn today...hahaha

time to stay cool


August 16, 2007

A good day... sure why not

First, I have to start off with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest!! She turned 11 today. So far so good on the growing up a good kid. Very proud of her.

Work is going through more changes. My boss quit. The project I am on was his baby from the start so for him to leave before even one state hits production.....hmmmm. He was a great boss and I was learning from him but life has to go on.

Finally got to ride again. It has been a week (with one failed attempt - 3 miles does not count) I feel so much better right now - a good 20 + miles does a man good.

Finally, we all went out for Golden Spoon tonight and a girl walks up to me at our table. Now I know what you are thinking.. what is so special about this birdman... this happens to you all the time right.... Of course it does.. It took me a second to focus but it was a girl I was good friends with during my days as an underwriter at the Merc. She left over 10 years ago as her husband was going to Med School. Nice surprise to see her and they just live on the other side of the freeway.

I'll take this as a good day


August 14, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

Strangeness , just plain strangeness. I left work and right next to my car was a dead butterfly. I thought to myself - that is not a good omen. So I want to get home to get a ride in. Stop at the store for some Vitamin Water and Power Bars - only 2 checkstands open and looong lines. crap! whatever.. get home wifey is not home - running late - crap. get ready to go put air in the tires etc... I think to myself - it is really humid and my super old helmet does not ventilate well so no helmet today. Get to the park -forgot my gloves... where are they... in my helmet.. oh well.. start riding - feel good but the overcast is really strange - I can see sun far away but very gray over my house - kinda depressing but I push on.... about 3 miles in ... flat frickin tire!!! Ride done... BOOOO (thank god for my CELL PHONE !! ahahahaha - called wifey to pick me up)

I think there was really something with that dead butterfly... has to be.....

Sansa Song of the Blog: In honor of today - Everything Turns Gray by Agent Orange.

August 10, 2007

You know me and the ladies

I got about three days with just me and some ladies.... that's right.... par-tay!!!! hahaha - nope just me and the girls till Sunday. WIfey is in Vegas training a lady on how to use the big Gammill quilting machines - making me some real cash for once!! I wish.....

The oldest just got back today from Camp Sherman which is the Girl Scout camp. She has been there all week and she loved it. She had a blast and made some new friends - I am so happy for her.

Bad part - with wifey gone - no long bike rides. I am progressing so I will make it to the beach and back by the end of the month - oh I will!!! Looking at getting a new road bike too.. what I have is about 20 years old - give me carbon fiber or aluminum baby!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

August 05, 2007

Return of the X-Games

What a fun time!!! First time I have ever went and the whole day was Motocross related stuff with some BMX street. Our seats in the stadium were right next to the big kicker ramps so we saw some great flips and stuff plus the majority of crashes. Those guys are nuts and make it look so easy. The worst thing we saw was a cameraman on top of the landing ramp get hit by a back wheel (we think) his camera break in half and he gets knocked out and rolls down the side of the jump. He gave the "fist pump" on the stretcher (take that any way you want!! hahahaha) Moto-X was the best - RC did it again - that guy is phenomenal!!!! The girls (DH and two nieces) had a great time as well. As for the AVman....well...... some things you just don't talk about.... hahahahaha -

Observation 1: so many little slutty girls.... I will kill my daughters if I ever catch them dressing like some of them....

Observation 2: I like freestyle but hate... hate the "culture"!! How many guys can wear a black hat, black shirt, tan dickies shorts, black socks and black shoes with sunglasses and a bling watch - plus tat's.... We had a few of them sitting behind us and they are the biggest idiots on the planet and I will bet not one of them has ever rode a dirt bike must less jumped their BMX off a curb. I hope that crap goes away - bad for Supercross/Motocross and I think it gets lumped in sadly.

25 miles on the bike ride today!!! nuff said!! gettin stronger.

Watched "For your Consideration" on Friday - latest mockumentary from the "Best in Show" crew - it was decent. best joke: Marilyn Hack - best known for playing a blind PROSTITUTE. You know what they say about blind PROSTITUTES?? You really gotta hand it to them!!! NICE!


August 03, 2007

X-GAMES Beyatches

WOO HOO - it's the weekend and tomorrow will be a great day spent AT THE X-GAMES!!! We get to see BMX vert and Moto Freestyle, Moto X and Supermoto. Can't wait. Me, my bro, my oldest Daugh, my bro's daugh, my niece and..... AVman. Yes he is all mine again.. we are leaving early and I asked him if he wanted to sleep over - sadly I was rejected. hahahahaha

Good bike ride today when I got home from work. Went a little further and the wind when I was heading out was a little stronger - worked me good.

Me and the DK are having fun at work - there is a nice QA girl whose name is INDU - so every time we see her we say things like "How did she get INDU the building" "I am so strong I am INDUstructable".. good times.

That is all for now