September 24, 2008

The real Olympics..

Yes, as you can tell by my little sidebar widget, it is time for a real sport for America to prove they are better than the rest of the world - COMBINED!!!

Yes this weekend is the Motocross Des Nations to be held in England. USA featuring the faster rider on the planet in James Stewart and maybe arguably the second faster rider on the planet in Ryan Villopoto are heavy favorites to win... unless it rains and we all must pray - NO RAIN!!! When it rains in motocross - all bets are off - freakin Estonia could win... I am still debating if I can get up at 5 am this Sunday to watch it on the web (gotta pay but soo worth it) I am gonna try......

Went to back to school night for Maddie - 7th grade.. and what a nice school. I was shocked all the rooms had carpet (that never existing for my entire junior and high school experience) nice walls and lighting and none of the desktops were gouged out... hhahahaa

Song of the blog: Oldie but a goodie - Birds Fly (whisper to a scream) by Icicle Works.. going wayyyyyyy back!

September 21, 2008

Still in town

As you can tell by this posting, I am not in NY and I am not going.. There was alot of "debate" about my going from what I hear but it comes down to two things from what I hear. 1. No one wanted to pay for me out of their budget. 2. With one of our other BA's out on maternity leave, if something were to go wrong while I was there - they did not feel comfortable the other two could resolve it - I am come people's secirity blanket.. The statement "I need my guy here" was said. Of course this will all be forgotten come review time I am sure. Oh well - i hear they are planning for me to go to FL in Nov. but that I dont want to do been there - not a fan of FL nor the agents there. FIGURES I GET THAT ONE!!

Not to much riding this week. As I was riding today, I remembered I had the same "lack of energy" feeling this time last year. I think the old body gets a little tired after a solid 5 months of riding. I estimate I have done over a 1000 miles this year - 90% of that in the last 5 months. So I am gonna ride but less miles and less often for a bit - see if the old body recovers.

We have a solid rumor that IBM is making there way to Merc - and soon. Not sure of their role etc... some people are freaked out but I will wait and see. I think BA's have to be around a lot longer than other IT people and the talk about is is how important we are so.... who knows... I am not worried ... at least for now.. hahahhaa

New shows are stating this week - WOO HOO. Also, if you have HBO - you better be watching True Blood - awesome show - very adult so be warned but excellent so far.

song of the blog: Little Sister by Queens of the Stone Age.

September 16, 2008

Interesting readin...

Was crusing through old blog links and forgot about this one but I like it. It is POLITICAL but they do present some nice work and the people who comment can at time present some nice arguments,., sometimes not so nice.

Check out the last few days post about Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and that a-hole Charles Rangel....

The Aurora

Here is a song for ya: Ricochet by Shiny Toy Guns - Click Here -

September 15, 2008

nuttin much

Not a whole lot goin on... that is my reason for lack of blogging - plus I am tired. We are getting close to another big rollout for our product for NY and that means more hours. I may even have to fly out to NY next week for a few days. I think going to NY would be cool but I am not a good flyer.. I will never be relaxed on a plane.. unless I pass out from drinking and they wont allow me to do that anymore.

Saw the movie Michael Clayton on HBO - great. Also if you have HBO - True Blood is really good so far.

From Sunday to Sunday this past week I rode 104 miles. 50, 30 and 24 respectively. Maybe that is why I am so tired!!!

I have hardly listened to music so nothing new today

Hope to have more interesting crap soon!!! hahaha

September 06, 2008

Another week

Well - another week goes by... to fast I tell ya....

The girls both started school this week - Maddie the big 7th and Jilly in 2nd. They both are really happy so far - especially Jilly as her teacher lives a few houses down from us. She thinks that is really cool. Maddie is exited about the change of schools and was happy to start learning something.. what can I say - she takes after me.


Just watched Live Fast or Die Hard on HBO and what can I say - f'in great....

Got me some new biking shorts - this time I went high end - $80 - but what a difference.. the butt and nut pad is insane - my comfort level is going way up and the compression they provide is easily double of the shorts I was wearing.. I guess my taint is worth the money!!

DK and I are hitting at least 50 miles tomorrow morning.. working are way to do 60 plus and maybe even a 100 mile ride next summer - there is a ALS charity ride in San Luis Obispo we are thinking of doing - that is one of my goals on my list- ride a century

On as sad note - my in-laws had to put down their black lab Lady - she was 14+ with bad arthritis, open sores and starting to go blind. If she walked 100 feet a day it would be amazing. My Father in law could not take her... so the wifey did it for him.... she cried like a baby and my stomach dropped when I looked at the clock - knowing it was done.. She was a fantastic dog and always loving - She was there with all the girls when they were born. She will be missed by all of us..

Song of the blog: Heard this on 103.1 and this pretty much the only INXS I like

Don't Change